It’s probably fair to say that the majority of men don’t enjoy trawling the high street shopping for clothes. There are, of course, men who do enjoy browsing and taking time to try on clothes before deciding which items to bring home.  But online shopping has been a real boon for men who don’t enjoy shopping in stores.

Yet fewer men seem to buy men’s clothes online than they do buy other products like books, DVDs or electronic equipment.

Why should that be? Why, when buying clothes is arguably the most boring thing in the world for a lot of men (so much so that they often just wait until their wives or mothers buy them clothes to replace old ones that have developed holes), don’t more men buy their clothing online?

For some men, the idea of buying men’s clothing online is not something they would consider, because they can’t try on the clothes or feel the material.  They might also think that if they ordered clothes online that did not fit properly or suit them it would be difficult to return the items.

In fact, shopping for men’s clothing online has many advantages, including:

  • You can easily check and compare prices for whatever you’re looking for. You can search for items on sale, or within a particular price range.
  • Online stores usually have comprehensive size guides to help you pick the right size for your frame. Men are often surprisingly slow to realise when they have put on or lost weight and tend to just pick the same size when they go shopping. Shopping online does mean that you’ll need to take some basic measurements before you buy but doing that will mean you can select the right size first time.
  • You don’t have to drive into town, find somewhere to park, walk around all the different aisles of the shops you want to visit, then queue to pay and drive home again.
  • You can shop online any time of the day and receive your items very quickly, right to your door through the post.
  • Return policies differ between stores just as they do on the high street. But on the whole, online shops are keen to encourage people to buy their goods and want to make returns as easy as possible. For example, you might have to go online, print off a return label and attach it to your parcel to return your goods. Hopefully though, the quality of the images and descriptions of the clothes (plus the accurate size-guide) will mean you shouldn’t need to return your goods anyway.
  • You can often get a larger range of sizes online, since high street stores tend to fill their rails with common sizes and dedicate relatively little space to larger or smaller sizes. Online stores don’t have storage or shop floor issues to worry about so can offer a large range of sizes.

As for the disadvantage of not being able to try on your mens clothes: how many men actually use the fitting rooms in a shop anyway..?

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