Asian street fashion has an edge about it that is not for the faint of heart

There is a roughness and rawness that can be present in these garments. It is the quintessential Lolita fashion statement of the Hello Kitty variety that is present in many of the fashion magazines and cultural representations of this style around the world. Yet, not all of the Asian popular fashion options are of this more roughened style. There is a softer approach that can be a great for those that want to take a less overt approach to their Asian clothing options.

Though the baby doll look described above is perfect for some, others prefer the more subdued style that comes from Korean popular fashion with a softer edge. These styles are less Lolita and more sophisticated. The essentials to this style are dresses with a structured look. They are short, usually to the knee or a bit above, and are narrowed around the hips. The accents of these Korean fashion trends are sweet bows that dot the neckline, bodice, or hem. Necklines in these styles are higher, usually close to the neck itself or in a boat-neck style. These create an Asian popular fashion look that is about sweetness and delicateness rather than a harder edge, yet still speak to the overall Korean popular fashion trends.

The materials used in these garments vary

Tweed is common to give that more sophisticated appeal. Silks are also commonly used in the garments for accent purposes. Though not an exhaustive list, the materials are usually of a delicate but higher quality construction. This Asian popular fashion trend means that the garments will last for some time as well. The look is more classic than overtly expressive. For that reason, there is a sophistication that can last for more than one season making it an investment in a fashion future.

Colors used in these Korean fashion trends can vary. Mainly, though, the colors used are more business traditional. There are great grays, greens, and browns that are perfect for an interview or a day out with friends. Tights with a print can be combined with these styles so that there is an edge brought in but a plain colored pair of tights can also be a great addition. Coupling these with a shoe that is classic like a clog or strappy heeled option complete the sophisticated look.

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