Dressing formally for work slowly evaporated with Mark Zuckerberg’s laid back appearances which kind of pleased men. Casual t-shirts, shorts, flip flops and messy hair looks were conveniently picked by the male tribe.
Well, we aren’t questioning the comfort, but we are wondering on how the work wear outfits diminished. There might be no compulsion, but let’s accept a fact that you cannot walk around in flip-flops in office, naming it as comfortable?
It is an unsaid rule, we dress for occasions, sometimes people define it, rest it is self-explanatory.

Let’s just brush up and revise the work wear dressing notions, that will give you some real fashion goals this year!

Fit Is the King

Nothing destroys an outfit than an ill fitted stitch.

Those slick and well-fitted models look awe-struck amazing, in their well-fitted shirts and trousers. But we also know that reality has some beautiful flaws. But that doesn’t mean we cannot get fine fit clothing. If you fail to get a well-fitted pair of clothing articles in stores or online, go for customised ones.

Your formal clothing demands fitting, that helps you in giving in prim and clean look. Also, there is a fine line between tight and fit clothes, understand that.

Fit clothing removes the lousy look, that loose clothing apprehends, but the tight clothes, no they aren’t formal. Do not try and fit in clothes too tight, even if you aim to lose a couple of kilos, skip buying future loose clothes.

Build Your Basics 

Men generally revolve around the grey, blue and black palette. Well, luckily your formal wardrobe demands you to get a lot of neutrals in your wardrobe. Build in with neutrals powder blues, whites and greys, you can play with colour, but keep them in a light shade.

Going too bright will not hurt but, let’s keep our work wear outfits little subtle and light.

Tie All the Way

We say tie bring a lot of elegance, just a fine piece of clothing but it brings forth clean and primed look. Instantly intensifies your formal appeal, a right coloured tie and you are all game. Trust us and bring in some “tie” change in your wardrobe this new year.

Suit Up

You need to have at least one well-fitted suit in your wardrobe!


We adored Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, he has portrayed an evident role that believes in dressing up good. Women have an undying liking for Barney, well, Why?

Let’s say it like this, women appreciate men who like to put efforts in dressing.

Stock Up Essentials

Well, we would suggest on getting on a couple of good cotton socks, handkerchiefs belts, wrist watch and a good messenger bag. Also, some fitted, finely tailored shirts that will help you keeping your week’s outfits decision easy. Because, workplace bags aren’t just a woman’s thing, men to carry essentials to work, messenger bags are your thing!

Shoppers Stop is your one such easy destination where you can hoard in an ample number of messenger bags, leather, simple and sufficient.

Shoes all matters! 

Do not underestimate the power of a good pair of shoe, a formal wear is finely defined by your pair of shoes. Take your time in deciding the comfort and quality toward a good formal pair of shoes. We would suggest in not just going with anything available in the market. But stick to good old basics, black and browns have ruled the formal shoe market.

All the Rest

Heterosexuality is something men aren’t very pompous and loud about. But we think it is fair, keeping yourself groomed is not a bad idea. But we are jovial about the fact that men these days are overcoming the old shackles. Taking a step or two to take care of oneself and taking some grooming steps will make you feel confident.

Also, keep a check on bad breath and body odour! Wear some fresh fragrance, nothing very strong, but light and refreshing. If you are fighting with bad breath problems, we suggest on keeping mints handy.

We hope the post helps you in getting back in that shirt and trousers and get back to formal zone!

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