Modern fashion has many unusual items that adorn and complement our various outfits, but none as versatile as trollbeads. Since their inception in the stylish mid-seventies, when a Danish jeweller created the first trollbead, they have gradually made an impression on the world of fashion, and today they are to be seen in many shapes and sizes. Other designers have been allowed to incorporate the design into their collection since the year 2002, and many famous jewellery designers around the world have created unique trollbead jewellery.

Range of Materials

Although the first trollbeads were crafted from silver, today you can find them made from:

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Bronze
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Stainless steel
  • Amber

Copper is also a favoured material, and there are rubber trollbeads for those who like a softer touch, and modern trollbeads are fashioned in a range of designs, shapes and sizes.

Mix and Match

Most trollbeads are threaded through the bracelet or necklace, although some are glued like a pendant, or fixed in other ways. A trollbeads necklace is perhaps one of the most popular ways of wearing these unique accessories, and of course, one can mix and match, so by having a range of trollbead jewellery items, you can create a unique look.

The Retired Collection

Jewellery items that are no longer available in the stores are known as “retired”, and it is comforting to know that these much sought after items can still be purchased online. There are online jewellers that specialise in all things trollbead, and with a range of retired items, you can capture that seventies look again.

Classic Christmas Designs

Trollbeads come is a range of designs and Christmas has not escaped the jeweller’s attention, with amazing designs that include tree decorations, stars and lots of glitter. Perfectly suited to the coming festive season, you can buy a few beads and use them on your existing items.

Summer Surprises

The hot weather brings out the brighter colours, and trollbeads are renowned for making an outfit much more colourful, with a range of stylish designs and materials, you can add the summer collection to your bracelets and necklaces.

Trollbeads for Men

There is a great selection for the guys, with soccer boots, and attractive designs made up of different sporting balls. There are also paternity trollbeads for the new father, with attractive figures of man and child together. Trollbeads can be worn on most types of jewellery, including men’s watches and rings, and trollbead earrings are also popular among the fashion conscious guys.

If you have not yet considered trollbeads in your jewellery collection, it might be time to look at some designs, and slowly over time, you can build up a nice collection that will always accentuate your outfits, whatever the season. There are online suppliers of genuine trollbead jewellery items, and with such a wide range of styles and designs, there is something for everyone.