Fashion is making person not just smart but the smartest in looks, style and dresses, especially designed to suit uniquely to every individual on earth. Nowadays men’s are also not less than women’s in style and fashion. Not only their looks have changed but also their way of wearing dresses and new fashionable blazers and coats have also changed. Mens classic coats are nowadays much in demand where people are buying those to suit the personality of every men. Coat’s for men can be found in different varieties, materials, designs, shapes and looks etc. Every men has its own choice and keep their choices in mind designers design very unique quality coats to suit their personality with present look they holding. An overcoat can not only increase your impression in front of many but will also left back a good mark from your side in many hearts.

Main function of a coat is to actually keep you warm but only keeping warm and looking boring can lead to dullness in your mind. Thus there are top six mens classic coats which has been made and presented focusing on the trends of the day, on six coat styles that have stood the test of time. Below are those 6 coats high in demand:-

Street Style: Day 4 - London Collections: Men AW15

  • Pea coat:- This type of coat has thigh length double-breasted coat generalize by the navy, and its design is encouraged to shield seamen compared with the biting chill of the open sea. Features of this coat from front side are it contains wide notch lapel, double breasted, slash pockets, length till hip and three by two button configurations. And in back side you can see wide collar, two piece back, and single vent on the back to give it final touch. It can be your formal coat or even casual coat. Wear it with t-shirt and jeans or buttoned shirt and slakes, all can look good and amazing.
  • Trench coat:- This new coat’s fabric has been designed such that it is weatherproof, lightweight, built to last and can be worn as an everyday wear. It can be your military attire or even main stream fashion. It has a Napoleon collar and wide lapel, with waist belt and buckle on it. This coat has many more features you can explore and can be weared on any occasion.
  • Overcoat:- Over coat is designed specially to increase your standard whenever you wear it. Normally an overcoat is found to be made of high-quality wool fabrics that are especially designed to face harsh weather. It looks simple, just some ornaments has been added to it to increase its style. As it is simple means it can paired with any outfits you like and this overcoat will match your outfit to provide best impression.

Though coats are endless as other than these coats there are more like car coats, duffle coats and parka coats which is not less than any other coat and can give you highest impression in front of many guests. Colors are also available from which you can choose your best and buy it to change your look and increase your consequences.