Amanda Rabor is promoting the idea of equality and cultural integration by designing clothes for bright leaders of tomorrow. She is the creative and inspiring mind behind the world-famous brand Issosy children, and her designed clothes are especially popular amongst young girls. Amanda’s collection of children clothes captures the power of fashion and style to globally integrate values, and she is redefining the values fashion industry is built on.
Amanda is one of the designers who inspires you with her creativity and her in-depth plan and thought she puts behind her designs. Even her method of sales is unique, with a dressing room on her website that shows four different girls who can be dressed in the same clothes. Very few designers in the industry are capitalizing on the power they have because of their fame and creativity, and stimulating cultural integration through clothes, and Amanda is one of those few designers who are designing clothes that are popular globally amongst children is to overcome cultural barriers by equipping the next generation with the right ideas even if it’s the forms of clothes designs.
Amanda emerged as a prominent designer in the fashion industry after she showcased her designs at London Fashion week through Indie Faces. She has impressed and inspired the fashion industry with her children wear designs, and is continuously putting us in awww through her creative work. According to Amanda, fashion is a powerful tool to create global culture and values by creating designs that reflect diverse cultures and values of the world, and inspiring kids to wear clothes reflecting those values. Amanda beautifully describes the concept behind her designs by stating, “In times of change and diverse living, fashion can reflect diverse cultures for up and coming generations to own, to claim and to wear in everyday life. It’s for the new global citizens of the world”.
To find out more about Amanda and her work, read below a recent interview conducted with this beautiful and talented mind:

1.) Is there a meaning and or reason your chose to call you brand

Its’s actually an amalgamation of one of my middle names and my partners name. So I played with them both and made Isossy.

2.) When did you start designing?

I’ve been designing for various periods throughout my life. It’s really who I am. I started with IC 5 years ago.

3.) Why children’s clothing rather then for women?

I actually have no desire to design for adults. I love children and i think the thing I love most is when kids wear the clothes and feel empowered and regal. This is some of the feedback parents have shared with me. it’s heartwarming when a 7 year old and put on an outfit and say something like “Oh my goodness! These are so nice! Amanda definitely knows my style.’ I love that!

4.) What is your biggest challenge with your brand?
Biggest challenge has been getting the brand out into the mainstream but that’s really happening now. There are soooo many amazing kids brands out there but you just have to stay true to your design authenticity and bring out that voice in your collections. That’s what keeps you unique.

5.) What inspires your design aesthetic?
Observing what’s happening in the world has a big influence on me. I’m not an avid news watcher but having a sense of what’s happening globally with humanity definitely informs my creativity. I choose colors dependent on my mood more than anything, but even those tend to resonate with so many current trends, like pink and red together. You don’t realize how many influences subtly get absorbed.

6.) What do you want to see happen with your brand in the near future?
We’re just getting into a new groove so it’s about building on our foundations, carrying forward our core beliefs and sharing them with the world. We love empowering kids so much and when we do our fashion shows, be it NYFW or LFW we’re really touching lives and that means everything to us. We want to keep doing that and find ways to empower every kid that wears us. The Isossy effect is pretty powerful and we’re loving it.