Creating a great party that all will remember is a difficult and stressful task to undertake. The party could be for someone’s birthday, a Christmas Work’s outing or even for what can be described as one of the most important party periods of the year: the New Year’s Eve bash. Whatever the occasion, it must be understood that a lot of time and effort must be put into a party to make it a success. Therefore although not everyone can succeed in being the perfect host, there is still a lot of fun to have by giving it a go and learning to improve your party-making skills.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

There are so many things to consider when planning a party that it is hard to know where to start. Thinking about the theme, food and music can send your head into a spin, leaving you disorientated and lost in your own to-do-list. One thing to take into account is that no one wants to go to a party which feels so vast and empty that tumbleweed can be expected to float across the floor at any second. Therefore, choosing a venue that suits the number of expected guests is imperative. Try and select an area which will allow people to mingle with each other but will also feel like a festive, jam-packed place to be. By choosing a great space to have your party, you can create an impressive party atmosphere by using and decorating areas of the space with fitting designs and themed objects.

Don’t Leave Guests Guessing the Theme

Setting the theme first can be a massive help as you then have something to focus on and buy items around. It can be a great opportunity to see your family and friends looking silly in fancy dress too! Themes influence food and drink choices, alleviating stress as you know what to buy, rather than frantically pulling items off the supermarket shelves.

Preparation is Critical

Try setting everything up a couple of days in advance of the party so that you have some time to complete any last minute alterations. This will also mean that when the big day comes, setting up takes a lot less time. Music is a vital part of any gathering and having a playlist prepared means that there will be no awkward silences. If all else fails, turn the volume up and have a sing. When it comes down to it, parties are all about having fun.

Don’t Rock the (Party) Boat

Do not underestimate the power of simplicity. Choosing intricate recipes may seem like an excellent idea but when you are panicking in the kitchen, you may regret channelling Heston Blumenthal and his wacky ideas. If you really want to let your hair down, why not order some pre-prepared food, or hire caterers, to make your night as stress–free as possible. You can even transfer the food onto your own plates, so no one need know that you are anything but a competent chef. Simplicity can also be gained through thinking of your guests as buses. You know the saying; you wait for one and three turn up at once. The last thing you want is a queue for food snaking round the block, so have three or four tables of food, thereby allowing everyone to have a munch simultaneously.

Centre Your Attention

Furthermore, centrepieces do not have to be modern works of art. Cleaning jam jars and filling them with sweets, pot pourri, or other bits and pieces can create a great look without much expense and fiddling. Another way to save some cash is to sprinkle petals over tables and floors instead of buying enough flowers to open your own chain of florists. Your guests will be impressed with your creativity and still appreciate the colour and scent of the flowers. Dotting petals which match your colour scheme here, there and everywhere brings everything together without a vast amount of effort.

Make Your Stamp

It is all very well moving heaven and earth to plan a party but people need to know it is yours; after all, you did put all the effort in. Personalised bits and bobs can make the day or indeed evening; appear unique and give it a feeling of exclusivity. For example, personalised party invitations give your guests a teaser of what is awaiting them without giving the whole game away. Taking care over designing invitations creates a snippet of the party, with the colours and illustrations giving a taste of the overarching theme.

On the day itself, personalised banners are cheap and easy and can be hung in strategic places to hide any areas that have not been decorated. They can cover a multitude of problematic areas and look good whilst costing next to nothing. No party, however sophisticated, is complete without balloons and these can display anything from ages, to messages, to pictures. The colours can also be manipulated to fit in with the all-important theme of the party. Adding a little bit of personality to your party can only be a good thing, so why not start before guests even arrive. It ensures they are excited and will not want to miss it. Now all that is left to do is to have a festive shindig with all the trimmings.

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