Are your shoe shopping outings something you put off because in the past you’ve always had a poor selection of slim width shoes to choose from? The myth of never being able to find shoes in AA or AAA width is now just that—a myth and here, find useful tips to help you so you never procrastinate on shoe shopping again!

The Right Width and Size

Before you even begin a serious effort to find women’s slim width shoes, make sure you know your size. You may think you are a narrow AA width when in fact, your real size is the slim AAA width.

Even if you wear a slim or narrow width shoe, you’ll also need to know the correct size. In the movie Steel Magnolias starring Dolly Parton, her character was famous for saying, “In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feel so good, I buy a size eight!”

While this comment is funny to hear, knowing your correct size is just as important as getting measured for the right width.

Most shoe stores will offer this service as a courtesy so do take advantage of this free service before you begin shopping.

The Right Shoe Store

If your shoe shopping involves big box stores, you may want to skip these. Many do have a few selections in a wide width but no choices for narrow or slim widths.

In addition, you may find shoe stores that advertise narrow or women’s slim width footwear but the selection is poor. They may carry basic pumps or boots in popular colors only like black, brown or blue. Or, if you’re looking for sandals or athletic shoes, they often have no selection to choose from at all.

Even further, many companies dedicated to selling slim width women’s shoes usually means the price tag will be high. This is true for both brick and mortar stores and online women’s shoe stores.

Still, there are shoe retailers that sell both online and at retail venues that offer a wide variety of slim width shoes at prices that are affordable.

Shopping with Ease

Today’s women who need a narrow or slim width have better options than in the past. Shoe designers are stepping up and putting out attractive sandals, boots, evening and dress shoes and even athletic shoes for those with narrow feet.

Women's Slim Width Shoes

Gone are the days of the boring or drab. Today’s designs include exciting color choices, styles and above all, comfort.

Buying women’s narrow width shoes is easier than ever so follow these tips and you’ll find the footwear you need at affordable prices.