Fashion is constantly evolving, new styles appearing, retro and vintage styles coming back into fashion, new ideas being combined with older, classic and traditional styles to create modern looks. Whilst individual garments may be considered as one of the most important factors in creating the desired look, the addition of carefully selected accessories undoubtedly enhances that look.

Adding the right accessories to an outfit allows you to create that unique style, one that reflects both your own personality and eccentric taste.

The latest accessory to hit the fashion scene is the handcrafted wooden bow tie, a 21st century take on the classic bow tie that has usually been made from materials such as cotton, wool, silk and velvet.

The trend is thought to have originated in the United States of America. Bow tie aficionados became bored with what they perceived to be a limited range of styles. The creative trendsetters took it upon themselves to create something different, something truly unique, which at that time was not commercially available.

The handcrafted wooden bow tie had arrived, it soon became the latest trend, and creative entrepreneurs started manufacturing wooden bow ties. The trend crossed the Atlantic and took hold in the United Kingdom.

One of the major English brands behind the wooden bow tie trend is  MA Tie Fashion, a U.K based, family run business with an extensive range of in-house designed and handcrafted wooden bow ties.

Their use of an alternative and diverse range of materials such as leather, metal and exotic woods has certainly played a significant role in revolutionising the classic bow tie into an up to the minute fashion accessory, for both men and women.

By utilising such a range of materials, a handcrafted wooden bow tie is truly a unique piece of artwork; no two are ever the same. Distinguishing characteristics such as the grain, texture and patina on the meticulously selected pieces of wood are what makes each handcrafted wooden bow tie individually unique. Distinctive etchings, the use of metals, leather, vibrant colours and other design elements further enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Each of these individually created fashion pieces will enhance a modern eclectic look when worn with a more casual outfit but also add a touch of timeless elegance when teamed with a formal suit. These exotic wooden bow ties add a distinctive finishing touch to any outfit, whatever the season, male or female, and make the ideal gift for the style conscious fashionista who already has everything.