It seems like we take inspiration from celebrities in all areas of our lives – from baby names to fashion. So why take inspiration from them when flying?

When I pick up a magazine I feel like I’m constantly bombarded with images of celebs returning from a flight or arriving at the airport – and I always think to myself…

“Wow, I wish I looked that good when I come off a flight!”

Well now we can. Here I’ve put together a few of my favourite celebrities and their flying outfits. How we can achieve their style, and certain mistakes we might want to avoid when flying.

Lea Michelle – Casual and comfy

I love Lea Michelle’s style full stop – but she has great airport style too. Lots of celebrities I see are always overdressed and look far to glam for a plane ride – but Lea manages to look great and pretty, but without looking overdone. In this photo I love the casual comfy jeans and the jumper and scarf (perfect for keeping warm and snuggled up on the flight) but I love that she keeps the glamour by wearing sunglasses. After all, she might be a bit tired and groggy – but we’d never know even if she was!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Take advantage of baggage allowance!

If there is one thing you can learn from this pair’s airport style, it’s that you can really fit a lot into those airport carry-on bags! I love how the two sisters are totally off guard here and they just look like any two normal people who just got off a plane. I think that’s important when flying – it’s all about comfort and convenience. Takes all you bits and bobs onto the plane with you, it’ll help the time go faster. But also don’t be afraid of looking a bit scruffy. It’s only a plane flight after all!

Lady GaGa – Takes it too far

This is a lesson in what not to wear in the airport. After all, when you board the flight and when you get off the flight, you’re going to have loads of walking to do. The bigger the airport the more terminals and customs you’re going to have to trudge through before you finally can jump in a taxi. Learn the lesson from GaGa – that heels will only slow you down! Can you imagine falling over in the airport like this!? How embarrassing for her! Always take flats on a flight with you if you can, they’re much more comfy and they’ll get you through customs quickly.

Emma Watson – Hits the perfect balance

I love Emma Watson’s style, she manages to look presentable and smart – but casual all at the same time. This is great if you’re travelling for business, or you’re travelling with someone you want to impress. You don’t look too try-hard but you’d fit right in, whether you were in first class or economy. Don’t forget the sunglasses – as they’re a staple of EW’s but also, don’t forget to take a nice big scarf. It adds a a touch of glamour to your outfit, but it’s also practical too. You can use it as a cushion when you fly!

Emma Watson

Jennifer Lopez: Keeping it real

She still looks like a yummy mummy here, but all the while – she’s kept the style down to earth and pretty normal. One lesson we can learn from Jen here is to keep the contacts away from planes, instead just fly in your glasses. For long haul flights, contacts can be awful and very uncomfortable (and a nightmare if you loose them too). So just get out your glasses and stop worrying what people think.