It’s that very special day of the year, and whether you have a certain someone who will be bringing something special over or not, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to give yourself a gift too. After all, even if you’re the single most generous person in the world, taking a bit of time out to show a bit of appreciation certainly isn’t going to hurt. These gifts might help.

  • A Trip to the Spa: Whether you go in for an extra-long massage or you decide to get that pedicure you’ve been putting off, Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to pamper yourself and get what you really want out of February 14th – some serious you time. The spa will do it for you. Indulge and buy a full day package so you can be pampered like never before.
  • Those Gorgeous Silky PJs: Nothing feels better than slipping into silk pajamas after a long day at work, and there are probably lots of choices that you’ve overlooked at your favorite store. This is the time to indulge, and you don’t have to go with something skimpy to make it worth your while. Grab a set you love, run that bubble bath, then slip them on and enjoy the feel. It’s the perfect meeting of comfortable and sexy at the very same time.
  • Jewelry: Sure, it probably seems like this is really the kind of gift someone else should be giving you on this big day, but why? You know what you like to wear. You know what would look best on yourself. You even know which pieces you’ve been thinking about for months now. This is the single best day of the year to break down and buy it for yourself because he’ll never come close to nailing it without some serious help from you.
  • Expensive Perfume: Again, this is one of those things someone else usually buys for you, but do they ever get the scent right? If you’ve seen one again and again you want to try, go for it. Even at fifty or sixty bucks a bottle, it will be well worth it when you start to smell like the princess you’ve always wanted to be.
  • Shoes: It’s rare that most women take the time out to buy a pair of completely frivolous shoes. If they’re not practical or they don’t go with an outfit, they often get left on the shelf. Not for your Valentine’s Day gift, though. Pick up that outrageous pair of shoes and wear them with pride again and again. You completely deserve it.
  • A Sweet Gift Tower: You’ve probably seen these at your favorite shop or in one of those catalogs you keep seeing on the break room table, but these are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for you. Whether you choose customized chocolates, gorgeous strawberries, or another delicious treat you don’t usually grab, this is a great way to add to your Valentine’s Day fun. For an extra special surprise, have it delivered to your desk at work so you can show off what a great gift you got this year.

Gifts On Valentine's Day