Whether its for a job, job interview, our loved ones, or to attract the opposite sex. Women around the globe want to look there best at all times. We wear make up, dress in the latest fashions, spend hard earned cash on manicures pedicures, facials and the latest hairstyles. Women everywhere also use accessories as part of making our-self look the best we can. Here are my top popular fashion accessories for women who want to look their best at all times.

Shoes/Boots – Shoes and boots come in various designs, colors and heel sizes. Shoe shops and malls are great or you can also buy from many online retailers. I would suggest that most if not all women need a pair of comfortable but stylish black heels. They are great for work and if going out afterwards also make a addition to most evening outfits. Boots are also very fashionable, from the ankle boot, mid calf boot to knee length all look great. Sandals are also an accessory every woman should have for those summer days shopping, walking on a beach or going out for a lunch date from the flat sandal to the gladiator sandals that are so attractive. Make sure all shoes and boots are comfortable to walk in though as no one looks attractive stumbling in heels which are to height for them.

Jewellery – Jewellery comes in all designs and can range from inexpensive to the very expensive. The basic rule with jewellery is less is more. A single beautiful silver or gold pendant looks elegant whereas several gold or silver chains looks cheap and tacky. The same goes for rings and earrings alike.

Hats – Hats come in a range of shapes, designs and colors. Traditionally a brides mother will wear a hat and there are many good hat shops in the mall and on line who can find a hat that right for the occasion and one to suit you. Many women these days also use a hat as an everyday accessory shielding their hairstyles from the wet and windy weather.

Handbags – Most women use handbags as accessories as they can store all there essentials in such as cell phones, make up, mirrors, keys and of course cash / cards whilst out. There are thousands of designs in handbags, varying in styles, sizes, colors, and materials. From the elegant clutch bag one may have when at a evening function to the beach bag carrying essentials such as sun screen, wipes, lip balm etc.

All these popular fashion accessories for women are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and materials. From the inexpensive brands to the designer labels from the malls to the internet shoppers amongst us there are accessories for everyone which will make you look and feel great at a price suitable for your budget.