While it is true the skinny jeans are still the number one choice for women this fall/winter season, I must admit that they are not always the best solution for certain events. To put it simply, there are times when you want to show off your femininity or dress up for a formal event and the only way you can achieve that perfect look is by wearing a skirt.


I’m sure that some of you ladies are not entirely comfortable with wearing a skirt and each of you has her own valid point. In fact, I bet some couldn’t have been happier with the end of the hot season when you could finally go back to wearing pants and long blouses to cover the parts you’re not proud of again.

However, before you jump to the conclusion that the skirt has lived its final moments for this year, I want to present to you a few versatile and stylish variants that have just emerged as hot trends. Let’s review the hottest five skirts for this cold season and the tricks you need to known to pull them off regardless of your body type.

  • The full skirt

If you’ve always been ashamed with your wide thighs, then you should know that pants combined with long blouses, just under the buttocks are not the best way to hide it. A far better solution in this situation is a full skirt, as its voluminous body and tiny waistline will make you look slimmer by default. To further slim your silhouette, a good idea is to combine the full skirt with a fitted top and pointed flats. On a side note, if you are concerned about the fact that you’ll look too short, then a good option is to wear tights and shoes of the same color.

  • The maxi skirt

The maxi skirt has been an all time favorite of petite and short girls who want to gain some height. However, this year tall girls can wear maxi skirts with incredible lengths of up to half an inch from the shoes line as long as they combine them with layered tops that are mostly streamlined, yet do have some movement. Considering that knits are among the hottest trends this fall/winter season, they might be just the thing you needed for your maxi skirt.

  • The peplum skirt

Granted, peplum skirts that are made from heavy and stiff materials will add around 10 years irrespective of how you choose to combine them. However, the same does not apply for peplum skirts that are crafted from soft and flowing materials. In fact, combining it with a sexy pair of strap heels or peep-toes shoes and a girlish, short blouse will get you an elegant, fresh and young look. In addition, this outfit is elegant and quite acceptable to be worn at a formal event as well as casual gathering without feeling out of place.

jean skirt girls

  • The trumpet skirt

In case you are proud of your curvy buttocks and you are looking for a way to show it off then the perfect solution is to try on a trumpet skirt. Since the whole point is to draw attention to your rear side, then it is best to wear it with a simple top, jacket or blouse that ends precisely where the skirt begins. As far as the type of shoes that work well with the trumpet skirt, you’ll be happy to learn that the only limitation implies staying clear of shoes that cut your ankles line. As a side note, this type of skirt works perfectly well for women who want some shape to their derriere.

  • The midi skirt

While stylish and inspiring the eternal feminine, the midi skirt is the type of garment that no petite figure should have in her wardrobe, unless she only intends to use it for church on Sundays and it’s long enough to cover most of the calves. On the other hand, if you’re tall, then tucking in a girlish blouse and putting on some brogues will get you an incredibly sexy look. Because the midi skirts’ role is to balance the upper with the lower parts that means you should be careful when choosing the length of your skirt and respect the proportions.

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