It’s something of a stereotype to suggest that men aren’t as interested in fashion as their female counterparts and will not put half as much thought into what they wear. Many men are happy to wear their favourite pair of trainers regardless of the occasion and, irrespective of the formality of an event, jeans will always seem to be the answer. However, for the more style conscious men, not much sprucing needs to be done to make sure that their wardrobe is versatile and up to scratch; with a little thought the old stereotype that men do not know how to dress can become undone. Here are some items no man’s wardrobe should be without.

A Smart Coat

   Many younger men will, more often than not, consider a sports top or hooded jacket to be suitable outer wear for any occasion. This, the distinguished dresser will know, is not the case. As a coat or jacket will often be the most prominent item you will wear when meeting new people, it can often be the basis for a first impression. As such, a smarter coat will tell new people you meet that you take a pride in your appearance and, as the logic will flow, other things too. A wool pea coat is a classic, and versatile, example of the type of outerwear a man should aspire for – it’s use extended due to the fact it will match, rather than clash with, everything you boast in your wardrobe from informal to classy.

A Decent Blazer

   Blazers are the perfect way to dress up an outfit and add a touch of class to your ensemble and, as such, an easy fix which should never be ignored. Whilst some may team these with t-shirts, its best utilised with a buttoned shirt to bring a bit of formal sophistication. When choosing a sport jacket or blazer, the key is to make sure you purchase one which is clearly a “separate” so it does not look like you are attempting to fix up a suit with your jacket and trousers. A good way around this is to choose one which is a different colour from most of the trousers you wear – teaming a great sport jacket with black trousers, for example, is always a winner.


   Trainers, as comfy as they may be, are not the fix-all solution many men believe them to be. They are a sport shoe and should be left exclusively for sporting endeavours.  Instead, no men’s wardrobe should be bereft of a smart shoe they can use to wear to work, formal dinner parties, wedding and funerals. The best choice for such an item of footwear would be a simple brogue which manages to be both debonair without being too attention seeking, and also, as a bonus, incredibly comfortable.

A Buttoned Down Shirt

   As mentioned before, blazers go better with a buttoned shirt. This is also true of just about every item of clothing you can imagine – nearly 100% of the time, a man’s outfit should incorporate a buttoned shirt if they are to maximise their appearance. They’re smart but casually easy to wear and can tidy up any ensemble they are incorporated into. A winner and an essential for all men’s wardrobes.

A Buttoned Down Shirt