Looking fashionable is the aim of every one. We have seen in the history that people loves and enjoys looking fashionable. This has grown at a rapid pace with the emergence of fashion in television, magazines etc. People always try to appear fashionable in front of others. This needs very careful judgment of the dresses that you are selecting for yourself. By following the simple and easy tips tagged below you can put a style statement of your own.

  1. Keep Comfort first

 Whenever going to select clothes select the one that can offer you comfort. This means you should always buy comfortable clothes. There are many clothes wearing them you may not feel comfortable. On the contrary there might be the clothes that are extremely comfortable. Your smartness is directly related to the comfort of the dress you are wearing. Therefore, to look smart you must wear comfortable dresses. The dresses can be comfortable only if you feel comfortable wearing it.

  1. Select quality fabric

The second tip that can be really helpful for you is that you should select quality fabric. There are various fabric materials available broadly in the market. You can get cotton, silk, georgette, crape, bandage and many other varieties of fabric in the market. You must wear the fabric according to the weather. You must consider the weather while wearing any particular dress is very important to stay comfortable. This will make you look smart and fashionable at the same time.

  1. Choose color as per Complexion

 There is nothing to worry if you have a dark complexion. It is true that people with dark complexion have limitations to the color of the dresses. But with the latest trends and fashion there are endless varieties and choices available for people with any complexion. It is only that you choose the dress with the color that suits you the most. When you yourself would be confident that you’re looking good that confidence would reflect in your appearance.

  1. Never wear Small sized clothes

               The size of the clothes plays a very vital role in the day to day fashion. There are people who have an idea regarding fashion. They will always agree that dresses those are smaller than the body size does not look fashionable at all. You should wear the dresses of your own size. You should not wear big or small dresses. If you wear dresses smaller than your size they will be tight and may affect to the circulatory and lymphatic system of the body. Thus, wearing small sized clothes are not advisable scientifically as well.

  1. Keep your structure in mind

 It is very important that you keep your body structure in your mind. There are people with various body structures. There are dresses available for every body structure. It is important that you select your dress that matches as well as suits to your body structure. The common body structures are apple, pear shaped, petite structure, and hour glass shape. For every body shape there are different dresses and clothing available. It is only needed to select the suitable one.

  1. Choose the clothes that suit you

 This might be a challenging task because the dress that you feel is good for you others might not like it. In this type of scenario it is advised that you give comfort the prime importance. At the time of choosing a suitable dress keep your height and the body structure in mind. For tall people there are different styles of dresses and for people with medium height and short height there are different styles of dresses. Therefore, while choosing the dress keep your height in mind as well.
7.   Keep the occasion in mind

 The dress that you wear must be suitable for the occasion you are going to. For office there would be separate attire and for casual parties there would be separate attire. Therefore, select the dress that you find suitable for the occasion. The color of the dress that you wear must be selected judiciously and carefully according to the occasion.

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