When it comes to fashion, you get fads that usually last a season or two, and then you get unique trends that pack a punch when it comes to staying power. Looking at international runways, it’s fair to say that retro fashion trends like; romantic lace, ankle boots, and of course, the preppy look of flared pants and navy blazers with embroidered patches, are fashion trends that will simply keep coming back.

Let’s take a quick look at some old favorites…


There are few fabrics as subtle and romantic as lace. It’s simply reinvented every season – from being embroidered ‘grandmother wear’, to now, the fabric of choice for skirts and dresses. Lacey garments can be played up and paired with statement pieces to soften a gothic look, or toned down to hint at flirtatiousness.

Peasant Skirts  

Dynamic prints and an elastic waistband would suit anyone’s groove. This ‘70s trend, made famous by ‘love children’, seems to be a summer fashion staple. Hippie or not, these flowing skirts are comfortable, versatile and very feminine. When shopping for a timeless peasant skirt, keep your eye out for ethnic prints.

Flared Pants

This well-known silhouette is taken from both male and female ‘70s fashion. To add a modern twist to this look, some pair wide-legged pants with slim-fitted blazers – and for that extra unique touch of prep, you could sport iron-on embroidered patches of your choice. You know how everyone’s a fan of something today; why not customize your blazer with a club logo or show support to your favorite cause?

The Bomber Jacket

Here’s a leather ‘80s classic that managed to survive the cockpits of World War II. A popular choice for ladies in their early 20’s, it’s both chic and tough simultaneously. Celebrities, like Madonna, have done their bit to ensure that this fashion fad keeps coming back. A few points to remember if you’d like to resurrect your bomber jacket:

  • The sleeves must not be tight.
  • Don’t try wearing a belt with it.
  • The body/torso area should be well fitted.

Ankle Boots

Also inspired by a military theme, ankle boots are rumored to have originated in the 19th century from army wear. They keep coming back into style because they fit ladies of all different calf sizes. Ankle boots give you the same heel and shape of a knee-high boot, barring the discomfort of wearing them under a pair of pants. When it comes to buying the right pair, you should stick to classic colors if you want them to last you many seasons.

If you invest in a few timeless pieces, it’s safe to say that being fashionable shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The Trends That Keep Coming Back

Heather B is a writer who always likes to stay up to date with the latest fashions.