Men need to spend time for their daily ritual of shaving in order to protect their skin and get the best results. You do not want to be seen with cuts on your facial skin for an important appointment or for that matter anytime. There are many products available to soothe the process of shaving, but the simplest and time-tested method is to get a hot towel shave done.

What is a hot towel shave?

As the name goes, it helps to prepare the facial skin and hair before the shave by making use of a hot towel. The procedure is really simple, all that is needed is to soak a facial towel in really hot water, drain out the water and place the towel on your face. This helps in softening the hair so that it can be easily removed with the help of razor.  This procedure is one of the best ways to prepare your skin for shaving and the results are much better and the skin appears smoother since shaving after a hot towel dab helps achieve a close shave.

There are a number of products available to make shaving less painful and easier. There are shaving foams and gels that help soothe the hair and skin before each shave, but these products work more a lubricant for the razor. The first step for shaving should always be the hot towel dab that should typically last for a minimum of 30 seconds or more, and then apply the gel or foam smoothly on the skin, after checking the direction of hair growth. Some people prefer to massage the soap with their fingertips while some use a brush, take care to cleanse the brush and replace it regularly for hygienic purposes.

Apart from the soap, there are different types of razors claiming to produce different results; again it is a personal choice. Choose the right one to suit you, but take care that the product is of a reputed brand to ensure good results. One of the best care tips for a razor is that, never wipe the blade with a towel, instead let it drip dry to avoid damage to the blade face, a blunt blade is no good. Nowadays there are a number of electric razors for those hard pressed for time, there are an equal number of people who vouch for their performance while so still prefer the conventional methods. A third kind uses a combination of both to suit their requirements.

 hot towel shave

What ever by the kind of soap or razor used, preparing the skin before a shave with a hot towel is beneficial, it is definitely better suited for the skin and reduces the harsh effects of the razor blade on it. A good moisturizer of soothing balm will only add to the effects of a good hot towel shave!