Men make plenty of fashion mistakes. Unfortunately, unlike women, men often seem to have that inevitable titanic going towards and iceberg feel when it comes to picking clothing and make some heinous mistakes.

Of course, knowledge is power and understanding what is not acceptable will go a long way to preventing these faux pas. So, let’s keep it clean, here are the ten fashion mistakes to avoid.

Socks and Sandals

What can we say; the number of men who still wear the old socks with sandals combo is astounding. If it’s that cold just wear a pair of shoes.


Missing vital areas when shaving is something all too common and if you travel to work on public transport you’ll see it often. Take time to shave and use a shaving mirror to ensure you hit all the hard to reach places when shaving.


Loving labels is not a crime, but being covered head to toe in over the top branding is. You’re not a walking advert for Ed Hardy, so choose fit and comfort over overt branding.

Running Shoes

The clue is in the name here. That is all.


The sheer number of men in suits with backpacks is something of note, please do not do this. Backpacks are for school books and professionals need an attractive work outfit. So, suits, blazers, shirts and leather messenger bags or briefcases.

Suit and Shoes

The colour of your shoes matters, so make sure they work well with your suit. Brown shoes and black trousers are not complementary and won’t work. Wear black with black and black only.


Fit is almost everything with clothing and if your clothing is too slim or too large you either look snobby or just unattractive. Try and ensure that clothing fits and try it on before your purchase it.

Funny T-Shirts

These are seldom funny. However, printed t-shirts are ideal for fun events, sportswear or elsewhere, but just not out and about.  Polo t-shirts are a smarter alternative.

Men's Fashion Mistakes


Pockets are ideal for a slim wallet or a few pounds but are not to be stuffed as this will ruin the lining of the clothing. If your clothing shows what you have in your pocket then you should invest in a bag. This can be a quality messenger bag for both work and play. The inner pockets of suit jackets or blazers can be used as a last resort.


Different suits require different numbers of buttons to be closed or not and you should always unbutton when you sit down. Double breasted jackets need to be always buttoned completely, while two buttons should only be buttoned at the top. The three button suit can be buttoned in the middle or the top two buttons only.

White Socks

These are only to be worn with the running shoe and never to be worn with smart shoes.

Follow these 11 pieces of style advice and you’ll manage to impress with your dress, wherever you go.