It would be fair to say that the tie has reinvented itself over recent years and while it was once an accessory only used to compliment a professional shirt, nowadays they are regularly seen on a variety of individuals walking down the high street.

Unfortunately, while a tie can clearly make someone’s appearance, it can also quite easily break it. There are many rules and considerations to factor with ties and if you happen to fail on any of them, your whole appearance can look ridiculous.

Therefore, whether you are a school teacher, high-flying businessman or just the Average Joe walking down the street – we encourage you to read on if a tie is part of your outfit. We’ll now pick out the four common mistakes that are made by “tie-wearers” to hopefully keep your appearance in check.

Learn how to tie the tie

Before you even buy your tie, it goes without saying that you must know how to tie a decent knot. You may have got away with any old knot during your school days, but if you want to look good in business or on your next night out you need to research an appropriate method. It’s generally assumed that you need a thicker knot, such as one of the windsor variety, for business purposes but if you are looking towards a tie for social reasons, a thinner version such as a half windsor or four-in-hand knot might be more suitable.

Find out the appropriate length

Another issue that can make your tie look utterly ridiculous is having it the wrong length. Have it dangling below your waistline and it looks quite the comedy item, while anything too short arguably looks even worse. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to look good in the office or in a nightclub, tie length is crucial and while it may take you a few attempts to master, it is well worth it.

Choose something appropriate

If you’ve gone to all of the trouble of acquiring your designer mens clothing here or from any other reputable designer, the worst possible thing you could do is to buy a tie which completely clashes with your expensive shirt. The obvious mistakes are matching your tie and shirt colour together and the same can also be said of matching the patterns. It’s generally assumed that if you wear a plain white shirt most ties will work perfectly fine, but if this isn’t in your wardrobe exercise extreme caution.

Furthermore, try and edge away from novelty ties. Several years ago, they were one of the most popular types around. However, the novelty (pardon the pun) has all but worn off and unless you’ve managed to get your hands on absolute gem of one, simply stick to patterns and plain colours.

Keep the style within the dress code

There was once a time where there used to be just one type of tie, but unsurprisingly, fashion has taken over and it’s now possible to acquire a whole variation of styles. The general rule is that the standard “thick” tie is for formal events, while if you opt for a thinner one it is more suitable for social occasions. Alternatively, if you are attending a black tie event, you need to pick out your black bow tie to comply with the code.