Several years ago the fashion industry was quite one dimensional and unless you fell within one of the standard size brackets, there was a big chance that you simply wouldn’t be able to get hold of any suitable designer garments from the big brands.

Fortunately, this has now changed and while the standard sizes are unsurprisingly still catered for the most, labels are at least paying attention to the needs of others.

Of course, even though it’s easier to acquire items for a range of different sizes, some would argue that it’s still quite difficult to maintain any sort of style. Therefore, if you are on the short side and manage to find a designer collection of interest, try following the guidance below from Jeetly to maximise your style.

Stick to the Single Colour

One of the top tips for petite women is to try and wear a selection of garments that are of the same colour. This means trying to match your top and skirt with the same colour. The aim of this approach is to prevent colour blocking, which can make the body look as though it has been split in half which is clearly not the desired effect with a shorter woman. Therefore, if you can keep the garments flowing together, it will prevent a supposed shortening of your frame.


Keep Belts Slim

This next tip is based on a similar reason to the previous one. If you start wearing thick belts with your outfits, you will once again be defining a clear line between each of your garments. On petite women, this again has the unfortunate outcome of splitting their body in half – which only emphasises their lack of height. Therefore, keep any belts as thin as possible, to avoid the clear definition that is created between your upper and lower body.

Go Vertical

Just like horizontally themed clothing is meant to emphasise weight, clothing with an emphasis on vertical lines can make you appear much taller to anyone nearby.

Stay Simple

If you’re the type of woman who loves busy clothes, now might be the time to change. If your garments contain lots of patterns and other embellishments that will catch the eye, you will be pretty much swamping your entire body with such effects. If you instead decide to wear simpler clothing and create the illusion of more free space on your body, this will make your general frame appear taller.

Keep Fitted

This final tip really applies to anyone with a figure that is not officially regarded as a standard one. If your budget allows, visit a tailor with your favourite clothes and get properly fitted. Generally, a lot of petite women have quite baggy clothes – for the obvious reason that they are too big for them. Unfortunately, this usually makes you look wider and on small women, they can then appear even shorter.