There was once a time where designer clothes were only available to the most affluent consumers, with the garments possessing huge price tags that simply made them unaffordable to most.

It could be said that this is still the case in some areas and if you take a trip to your nearest major city, find the nearest row of boutique shops; you are likely to collapse with some of the ludicrously high prices.

However, if you are willing to get a little more creative, designer clothes can become accessible to the Average Joe. Compromises may have to be made at times, but most people are more than happy to make them if it means getting the latest party dresses at TFNC for example.

Bearing the above in mind, here are our tips for acquiring designer clothes on a budget.

Hit the Discount Department Stores

This is probably the best piece of advice for anyone wishing to go designer and while some compromises usually have to be made, the small matter of saving approximately 70% from the recommended retail price of goods is usually enough to persuade consumers.

When we talk about compromises, we are usually referring to clothing from past seasons or slight defects. In relation to the former, the discounts can be tremendous if you are happy to forego the current trend – in order to wear that big designer tag. The discount department stores will also slap huge price reductions in any defected clothing with these problems usually something as minor as a loose stitch in the neckline.

Scour the Online Marketplaces

This is another tip that can often save you a lot of money, with the online marketplaces absolutely packed with designer deals. While there are now numerous ones dotted around the internet, eBay seems to be the premier place for such deals and the beauty is that not all of the items will be used – but some will be new as well.

Of course, if you are looking for the ultimate bargain, you may have to settle for used goods. For items such as coats most buyers are not at all perturbed, but when it comes to other garments you may rightfully question if you want to purchase something that somebody else may have been wearing on a day-to-day basis. However, in relation to new goods, a lot of boutiques have their own accounts on the marketplaces to try and offload stock from a past season. Therefore, just like with discount department stores, you might be able to wear that new, designer label, albeit from an older season.

Avoid the Big Branded Boutiques

It goes without saying that you should try and stay away from the top high street boutiques as well. Admittedly, you might be able to find a steal from time to time, but such occasions are few and far between and you will usually be wasting your time.

If you do wish to hit the high street, you should look towards smaller designers. As mentioned in the opening paragraphs, designer stores such as TFNC don’t have the worldwide reputation as others but they still sell world-class garments that are usually priced a little more competitively.