Women who are into fashion for sure would have at least one pair of boots in their closet. If you are to ask why, it’s because boots are very stylish even if they come in the most boring design. They easily fit in with different outfits, and sometimes they even create a signature look that no one else can copy.

Hence, regardless if you are crazy over fashion or you are just trying to establish a certain style, then it is recommended that you own a pair of boots and wear them every once in a while. But how exactly do you shop for a pair of boots? Here are some tips to guide you through:

  1. Pointed boots make your legs look longer.

If you have short legs, then you can make use of your boots to create an illusion of longer gams. You can do this by getting a pair of booties that have pointed tips. Heeled variants help too, as they literally add more inches to your height.

You may also want to go for nude coloured boots as they also give the same kind of illusion. You may not need to go for heeled boots as the pointed skin tone types will do the trick as well.

  1. Elastic panels accommodate wide calves.

Some women have wider calves, and these make it difficult for them to fit in zippered boots. If you have this kind of issue, then it is better that you opt for boots with elastic panels instead of zippers. These boots give more space for your calves to fit in, and you also won’t feel strained while in them. The panels provide comfort on the calves; zippers on the other hand are stiff and cannot be stretched to accommodate bigger calf sizes.

  1. When to wear round-toe boots?

If you value comfort over style, then you definitely should go for round-toe boots. Round-toe boots are versatile and can keep up with any kind of fashion trend. They are also comfortable on the toes, as they give more room for the feet to move comfortably.


One thing about round-toe boots is that make the feet look smaller. Thus, if you want to make it seem like your feet has reduced in size, then these are the boots to wear.

  1. Ankle boots work well with jeans.

Meanwhile, if you want to look sophisticated in jeans but don’t like to wear knee-high boots, then the ankle booties can be a great alternative. Ankle booties are relatively lower than the usual boots in terms of height, but are ideal for those who want to create the “cowboy boots for women” look.

Ankle boots are recommended to be worn with trousers and jeans, as they accentuate the gams. They also make the wearer look more commanding and authoritative, as these boots also provide extra height thanks to the heels.

  1. If you have bunions…

Wearing boots can be challenging for women with bunions, as their feet cannot move as freely as needed when inside the shoes. Bunions also make the feet sore, thus they need to feel comfortable almost all the time.

Hence, if you want to wear boots, then it is best to go for flats instead of those with heels. Flat boots allow your feet to rest most of the time, and they do not put pressure on area where the bunions are present. You can create a stylish look with flat boots, though, especially when you choose those with statement accents such as buckles and straps. You may also go for boots that go as high up to the knees, so long as they are flat.