It’s often a big question for the fashion conscious man, who is looking for stylish clothing at affordable prices. While off-the-peg is perhaps a cheaper alternative than cutting the cloth, it rarely fits as it should, and is more a matter of chance than anything else. There are many variables involved, and let’s examine the benefits of both.

The Perfect Fit

If you want a suit to fit you perfectly, it must be made around your measurements, and if the occasion is a very special one, you will want to look your very best. If you happen to be in NSW, and are preparing for a major social event, the best suits in Sydney are available with modern online tailors, who can style and cut a suit to the client’s specifications.


Perhaps the only advantage with off the peg garments is that you can wear them instantly, but even with a made to measure suit, you can have the finished product in less than thirty days. If the event is planned well in advance, contact your tailor a few months before, and this will give you plenty of time to think about fabric and design options. The best things in life cannot be rushed and this is certainly the case with made to measure clothing, as the fitting process is vital, if the garment is to fit properly. There might have to be a second fitting, when minor alterations would be made, to ensure a perfect fit.


Until a few years ago, the cost of having a suit shop in Sydney cut you a suit would put most men off the idea, yet modern online solutions are affordable, and with imported Italian fabric and a team of expert tailors, you can be sure to look your best. The gap in price between off-the-peg and made to measure has narrowed to the point where it is an attractive alternative.

Natural Change

We are all in the process of ageing, and that involves constant change. A suit that fitted perfectly at thirty, might not fit in a few years’ time. This is one reason why made to measure is a better alternative, as your current measurements will be used, ensuring the ideal fit.

Improved Self-Confidence

There’s no doubt that a well-fitting suit makes a difference to the way a person feels about themselves, and in certain special and business environments, it is essential to have an air of self-confidence and authority. A career changing job opportunity requires the very best attire for the interview, or if you are visiting a foreign company with a view to doing business, you must look the part. If a person is honest when looking in the mirror, and they don’t feel right about their clothing, this will have a negative impact on the experience, and by having your suit cut by professionals, you can be sure to project the right image.

A made to measure suit is unique, in as much as it was created to fit you and no other person, and with the extra confidence that gives, you will shine at every event.