Destination weddings have increasingly more popular because of the appeal of having a vacation and a wedding at the same time. It is also wildly romantic to get married in an exotic place and your guests have more fun when they are at the beach. Atlanta bridal gown shop supply a beautiful selection of gowns that are specifically intended for destination weddings. There is really a lot to choose from with a wide range of sizes. But destination bridal gowns can be tricky because you will be dressing for a different climate and an outdoor location.

Do Not Net the Wildlife Into Your Gown-

If you are walking on sand, keep away from gowns with trains and long dragging cathedral veils. You could even go a step further by choosing a shorter gown that looks more like a white cocktail dress. The sea is filled with small crabs, sand lice, seaweed and other small innocent creatures that do not want to get tangled on the nettings of your wedding gown where they will eventually die. As a nature loving person, you also do not want innocent creatures to die because of your dress. So make everybody happy and choose a dress without a train or veil, and go shorter if you can.

No Layers Allowed-

A beach wedding dress by definition should be light and airy. Choose material like chiffon and soft tulle. Silk will also do well but keep away from satin and too many layers of tulle or you will die a slow itchy and hot death. Destination weddings on tropical islands tend to be hot and humid, even as the view is spectacular you are still dressing for a tropical climate. As such, do not over do the layers and avoid satin because it is a close weave fabric that tends to overheat. Satin is also very shiny and will not do well with outdoor photography. If you still want some sheen on your dress, try some beading or go with silk or organza instead.

Beach Bridal Gowns

The Line Between Bridal and Casual-

Sometimes you risk looking like bridesmaid rather than the bride on your wedding day because you made the mistake of going too casual. You want a light dress and you can avert looking too casual by having your guests wear cottons and t-shirts. Bridesmaids can also be made to wear dresses that do not outdo the gown of the bride and make her look like just another person at her own wedding. You can raise the level of any simple casual looking dress by adding details like lace, beads, sequins and other small embellishments that will make the bride standout. A beautiful veil will also help. It is entirely possible to be light and free but still be the bride.

Consider Other Colors Aside From White-

Destination weddings are not traditional affairs and you can get away with a lot more when it comes to dress and venue. So consider doing a gown in colors other than white.