Every fashion conscious man or woman knows that the little extras that are added to an outfit make all the difference between looking ordinary and standing out from the crowd. Fashion accessories, whether they are for a special night out, a trip into town or the catwalk for professional models, have always been a hot topic in the fashion world. There is no outfit that can’t be accessorized, it’s really just a question of knowing which item will look best with which outfit. One thing is for certain however – accessorize tastefully and in moderation as too much will look as though you are trying too hard.

Perfect accessories include such items as scarves, jewellery, bags, hats and belts. However probably the most classy way to wear gold articles and other fashion accessories is to put them together as a contrast. For example, if you are wearing a plain black dress, accessorize it with gold jewellery, a gold belt and shoes. Alternatively you could put a gold toned scarf around your neck. A scarf is great if you are older and the neck area perhaps has aged more than your face and they will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Another accessory which will come in useful time and time again is a hat. Some of us will say that a hat doesn’t suit us, but the right style of hat will complement your outfit and you can modify your hairstyle to make the hat sit correctly on your head. We can all look good in a hat – it just needs to be worn at the right angle to suit our face.

Belts also look amazing, no matter what type of waistline you have. If the waistline is no longer so clearly defined, then the belt can be worn loose and at an angle. For those with a small waist, a wide belt looks great and can be worn with anything from a smart dress to jeans.

Wearing the Right Accessories

Finally, let’s not forget the all-important bag. With so many styles to choose from such as clutch, shoulder and crossover, many coming with jewellery attached, to add that extra bit of bling, the right bag will complement any outfit and will look perfect when worn with matching shoes.

Whatever accessories you decide to wear, you will feel confident knowing that you are dressed in a style of your own.