Trends come and go, and for this summer’s crop, we’ve got a lot of bets on several new additions to the style scene. Read on to find out what we think are the hottest trends, then figure out if they’re fads or keepers for yourself.

1.      Bold colors for eye-liner

It’s no longer news for anyone that whatever Karlie Kloss sports turns into gold, especially after her recent apparition with recent comeback sensations Daft Punk. As such, her appearance in 360 fuchsia eye-liner for Donna Karan’s latest show was bound to set some benchmarks in terms of trends. The young, glam, and hip set have definitely latched on to the notion that eye-liner in bold shades is back in style, and have taken it upon themselves to make orange, green, blue, and pink the (unlikely) choices for eye make-up color this season.

2.      Go dramatic with metallic silver

If you’re planning to hit the night clubbing scene this summer, then the metallic shimmer is precisely the look you want to adopt. It goes with just about any style of attire and it is definitely going to make a statement, no matter your venue of choice. The trend was validated by the pros of the style scene, when none other than Chanel displayed it on its runways. If you’re not so sure about splashing silver eye shadow all over your lids, then try a more muted powdered type of shadow to complete your look. Go completely dramatic with full-on black eye-liner, too!

3.       Go for the gold

At the latest Versace show, there was a genuine downpour of gold love, in terms of eye and skin make-up. The celebrated brand has once more marked a return to its luxurious style, yet this time the approach is far more subtle than, say, in the 90s. Golden eye-shadow, with its implied references to one of the most famous James Bond movies, was prominently featured. Note that this was not an amply shimmering hue, but a subtle and muted one, which added some spark to an otherwise demure look. The same kind of look was also substantiated by the use of skin highlighter on an otherwise nude and neutral palette. The experts advise that there is such a thing as too much shimmer and that those who choose to use golden highlighters should use it sparingly.

4.      Grunge is back and here to stay

In a less expected move, the Versace summer show also featured a return to the grunge style of the mid-90s. Models paraded on stage without much make-up to speak of, save for intensely lined eyes, with massive amounts of mascara applied. The key to achieving this look is opting for a neutral palette for the skin and lips (or going completely bare in those respects) and using good quality Mascara and eye-liner. Remember that lining your eyes also depends on their shape, how deep set or far apart they are, and several other criteria. Otherwise, you might risk sporting the raccoon look.

Make-Up Trends

5.       Liven up your lips

This season is definitely one of accents, on otherwise nude or natural faces. To complement the bold eye-liner color trend, we also saw the emergence of the dramatically colored lipstick trend. Bright pink, in fuchsia or coral shades, seems to be the go-to choice here. Just remember that the rest of the face is supposed to look fully natural, so forget all about eye shadow or blush if you opt for this trend (and don’t want to end up looking like a veritable clown).