In today’s day and age of digital technology we find ourselves with solutions to problems and we also find new problems that go along with the technology of today. Years ago it was very uncommon to have the ability to take as many photos as you liked due to the high cost of film and in developing. The rise of digital photograph changed the whole world when it came to taking pictures. We not find everyone able to take almost limitless photos on demand. This can have some negative affects on special events in our lives and in particular weddings.

There are three main ideas when is come to wedding photos. The most common is to let everyone take as many as they like along side of the wedding photographer. This can lead to couple of problems the primary being about how it interferes with the hired professional. Sometimes it is a simple and as innocent as a flash that can ruin a professional photograph and often times it is not going to be the case where they can retake the shot. Also sometimes the guest themselves will bump or otherwise physically interfere with the professional.

By letting people take as many photos as they like it may also lead to a flood of unwanted photos of your special day online. If you are not too worried about having things in the online record of your wedding like people in the background of your photos breastfeeding or how a lot of your photos will be full of other people taking photos. Then you probably are ok with the traditional concept behind wedding photos.

There is a new idea floating around that will help out with a couple of concerns when it comes to people’s wedding photos on social media. The idea is that each person who shares the photos will add a hashtag to it. This way the bride and groom can edit all the photos that they like so that there is not a wash of unwanted photos floating around. The main problem with the hash tag method is shared in our first example as there will be many photos that you don’t like that you will have to take care of and also the wedding guests may interfere with the professional that you hired on your special day.

Third and least popular idea about how you might want to deal with amateurs photographers at your wedding is the “unplugged” method. This is where you ask your wedding guest to not take any photos at all and just enjoy the ceremony. This will take a lot of the previous concerns out of the picture as guests will not be buzzing around taking numerous photos at every opportunity. Rather they will have time to relax and enjoy the festivities. This will also allow the married couple to be the ones to reveal their wedding photos and will have full control over which ones gets released.

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