If you are trying to think of jewellery to buy for someone special, then you may be considering Mexican bola jewellery or even one of the many Custom made Jewellery options available to you. There is a chance you may wish to think about using the recipient’s birthstone as the focus of the piece. With this being the case, this article will tell you exactly what your birthstone means.

January – Garnet

This birthstone keeps you safe whilst travelling, so if your January-born loved one is keen on adventures, this could be a great thing to buy.

February – Amethyst

This is the stone of courage, and one that is thought to bring strength to relationships. Centuries ago, it was thought that this stone brought relief from intoxication.

March – Aquamarine

Popular for a long time in medical circles, it was thought that this precious stone cured issues with the heart and kidneys, and they were sought after by the medical profession for many years.

April – Diamond

Well known for being a special stone, diamond is the symbol of true love, which is why so many people choose to use it when buying engagement rings.

May – Emerald

Fertility, love and rebirth are all signified by Emerald, and Cleopatra herself was thought to be a huge fan of the stone. The Ancient Romans dedicated this particular stone to Venus, who was the goddess of love.

June – Pearl

This stone is known to symbolise purity, and legend has it that the pearls themselves were the hardened tears of the Greek goddess of love – Aphrodite.

July – Ruby

A deep red stone, this is thought of somewhat like royalty in the gem world. Passion is the emotion symbolised here, and the stone is thought to be able to provide some protection to anyone who wears it.

August – Peridot

Strength is the meaning of this stone, and it is thought that anyone who chooses to wear this will be protected from nightmares.

September – Sapphire

If you need to be guarded against evil, then sapphire is the stone for you. Legend states that a snake placed in a sapphire vessel would be unable to survive.

October – Opal

This stone is the symbol of faithfulness, and the name itself means “special jewel”. It is also thought that this stone can protect the wearer’s eyesight.

November – Topaz

If you need a stone to provide you with strength, it is thought that Topaz will do this. Associated with love and affection, this is one that would be great to gift to someone you truly love.

December – Turquoise

This is largely thought to be a love charm, and is worn by many as a way to both display and attract love. It can help to protect wearers from harm.

When you consider all of the different meanings that birthstones bring with them, it is clear that a gift containing them can be very special indeed. It is certainly going to be a gift that is well welcomed, and one that will be remembered for years to come.