Do you want a glowing, dewy fresh skin?

Well, the good news is you can get it. AHA’s like glycolic and salicylic acid are amazing exfoliators. Both of these acids allow the dead skin cells within epidermis to go down, boosting growth of new skin cells.

That being said, let’s quickly take a dig at the positive effects of glycolic acid and salicylic acid treatment on your skin:

Salicylic Acid

It goes without saying but this is the only acid that easily absorbs oil as it’s pretty oil-soluble, unlike, other acids that are water soluble.

All thanks to its amazing characteristic for making salicylic acid treatment so effective. This acid easily reaches inside your pores and effectively exfoliates the lining of your pore wall. This breaks up and enables the content of your pores to ooze more efficiently.

Your skin tend to develop hardened blackheads—the inflexible ones that are embedded inside your pores and don’t come out easily!

Glycolic Acid

For those who don’t know, glycolic acid is the most powerful AHA of acids as it boasts of smaller molecular size. This acid travels deep into the skin and easily travels as compared to other AHAs.

Though it’s not penetrated into your skin pores, it still exfoliates your skin on its surface. Therefore, it’s quite effective in opening pores and reducing the number of dead skins that could have trapped inside your pores, if not exfoliated.

Mostly, girls like using glycolic acid on their nose or breakout as it’s likely to give them best results in the shortest span.

However, you need to be cautious while using this acid as it’s also very irritating if not wisely.

For those who have non-oily and thin skin, should never use it in a strong combination. Glycolic acid in an exfoliant, peel or serum has to be chosen wisely if you’re skin don’t allow strong combinations. A cleanser or light skincare product that does not stay on your skin for long will work best for you.

So, if your skin is too sensitive or thin and still desire the advantages of glycolic acid, best would be that you pick the right product for your skin.

PowerGlow AHA/BHA Resurfacer

PowerGlow Resurfacer from Lumavera is one such product. Powered by QuSome Technology, this revolutionary skincare product not only rejuvenates but also resurfaces your skin for speedy visible results. QuSomes progressively releases alpha and beta hydroxy acids layer by layer into your skin lending you a youthful and smoother complexion instantly and without any irritation.

Utilized to lend 400 times more hydrating and moisturizing benefits than sodium hyaluronate alone, phytomoist boasts of a distinctive combination of organically extracted Betaine from beets and hyaluronic acid from mushrooms (asian) that dramatically lends you glowing skin that’s supple, refreshes and balanced all through the day.

Besides, extracts from cactus consist of amazing anti-inflammatory and is anti –erythema—something that calms your skin when utilizing topical AHA’s.

So, don’t wait, get one today for yourself and have a great skin in no time!