No matter what his station is in life, a man needs to have at least one good suit in his closet ready for special occasions. Even if he is the type of fellow who never wears a pair of trousers or a collared shirt, having a suit in his closet guarantees he can be dressed appropriately for any event. Below we talk about several types of suit that should be in every man’s closet:

The Black Suit

Although it would guarantee the proper fit, a suit does not need to be made-to-measure; they can be simple suits selected off the rack. In order to be ready for more formal occasions like weddings or funerals, every man should have a black suit that is ready to go at a moment’s notice. The black suit can even be worn in place of a tuxedo for black-tie events by pairing it with a tuxedo shirt and a bow tie.

The Navy Suit

A navy blue suit is an essential garment for a man’s closet because it is one of the most versatile men’s suits he can own. It can be worn for almost any occasion, from a first date to your child’s graduation. For durability and style, look for a suit made from wool that is graded in the low- to mid-100s, because it will be light enough to wear most of the year.

The Blazer

The third type of men’s suit that should be in your closet isn’t a suit at all, but a blazer. It can be used in place of a suit for more casual occasions or for job interviews. Select a navy blue or subtly patterned blazer, such as a plaid or checked, that can be paired with khaki trousers or blue or grey slacks. If you don’t want to buy an entire suit, a good blazer needs to be in your wardrobe.

Caring for Suits

To make sure your suit is ready when you need it, put it away after it has been dry cleaned or pressed. If it will only see occasional wear, put it in a garment bag to keep it from getting dusty until you need it for an event. Unless you get food or drink stains on it or sweat excessively, you may not need to clean it after each wearing, but you should have it pressed so it will be ready for the next occasion.

Accessorising a Suit

If you are going to a more formal occasion, such as a funeral or wedding, select a white shirt to wear with your suit. Leave the more colourful shirts for more casual occasions, such as a party or a date. Choose a tie that complements the colour of your suit and fits the event you’re attending. Keep a pair of black shoes, such as a pair of wingtips, polished and ready to wear in your closet as well. Making sure you have these three suits in your wardrobe will ensure you are ready for any occasion.