Swimwear is always on our mind when the sun comes out and days get longer. As the temperature goes higher your choice of swimwear increases. One piece. Two piece. Matching top and bottom or mix and match.

You have you seen it all before – swimwear that resembles lingerie and lingerie that follows the swimwear trends. Solid colour, or prints.

What do they have in common?A lot in shape but not in location as to where it should be displayed.

Here is my guide to what should you consider if you want to standout in the crowd at the pool or beach.



  1. Swimwear has to flatter and enhance the body that the costume is bought for.
  1. They have to be age specific.
  1. You have to feel the costume and wear it with pride. Strut the poolside or foreshore as if the whole world is looking at you and believe what they see.
  1. Girls Swimwear has to be acceptable to the public that they are exhibited to.

At school – a Brazilian cut may be de rigueuron Copacabana Beach but 50 metres in front of the school will boost your Facebook mentions and get you to say hello to the principal and extra school time after hours.

  1. If you are a competitive squad swimmer-at swim carnival it is a performance suit. Your time, commitment and parents money deserve proper packaging. Not in the competition – do your best and look at a basic black style one piece.
  1. Do not to dress like the lifeguard. These colours are taken!!!

If you are sporty, look for a swim costume that has a tie so that your briefs stay on and all assets are safe on top. Beach babe or sporty babe? Work out who you are and what you want to do.

  1. Dress for who you are and plan ahead.

Chillax or sweat – wakeboard, surfboard, boogie board. sunbake on the beach, walk along the boardwalk  and look in the shops. Have a gelato or ice cream.

  1. Safely enjoy the sunrays on the beach or dive in and cool down. Try the wet look and sweep your hair back as you walk out from the ocean – everything old is new. Bo Derek is not histories only 10. Too young to know what I mean, always check YouTube.
  1. Pick the cute guy and race out to buoy and back. A win is a win and a loss doesn’t have to be.
  1. Share with your friends and the day will be another great memory.