Surfing is a water sport that involves challenging the waves.  It is a popular sport these days, with more and more people wanting to experience the adrenaline rush.  The fashion industry has caught the same wave, designing cool surf wear that is both comfortable and functional for the sport.  There are a number of retail options if you want to get the look, from online sites and department stores to surf shops and free standing brand stores.

The board short is essential to the surfer look.  Board shorts are a common sight at most beaches around the world.  They come in vibrant colors and graphic prints and are made from synthetic materials that dry quickly. They come in different lengths and styles. Surfers and beach goers alike prefer these shorts for their comfort and versatility.

Depending upon the climate and surf, a surfer may choose to wear a wetsuit.  Wetsuits vary by style and weight, with the heavier or thicker suits providing more warmth.   Surfers may also choose to wear a rash guard, which protects against rash from the wetsuit and adds more warmth.  In colder climates, neoprene hoods, gloves and booties may also be added for further protection from the elements.

Surfers are often associated with a cool, laid back attitude and their style choices are a reflection of that vibe.  Whether you surf to live or live to surf, choosing the right clothes and gear has never been easier.  Open any website or magazine and you’ll see the latest in surf and skate style.

In colder climes, surf clothing varies and it usually is a hoodie or sweatshirt that the surfers keep with them for the warmth that they provide. Some may opt for a shirt made from heavy material for the warmth; it depends on the mood of the person and individual style.

Beaches that are sought after by the surfers for the waves are only made more colorful by their clothes and gear.  Even the surfboards come in trendy colors.  There are different kinds of surf equipment too.  Long boards, stand up surfboards, skim boards etc.  Fiberboards have almost replaced the wooden boards due to the benefits of weight and performance.  Safety is also of paramount importance when you surf and so you should opt for the best safety gear and also employ safe practices to enjoy the sport wholeheartedly. Finally, what one should remember is that it is just a sport.

Surf Clothing and Accessories