For every woman, accessories play a big part not only in their everyday attire but in their wardrobe as a whole. Those diamonds, pearls and stainless metal accessories just can’t be eliminated from their closet. If you’re guilty of this then you’re reading the right article.

We’re in a modern world today which means fashion is getting wilder and louder as well. Read along to discover the best materials to be used on eco-friendly jewelries. Accessories made from such materials will surely add flavor to your jewelry box.

 Feather accessories

Peacocks sure look stunning with their colorful feather tails, but have you ever thought that humans can also be fashionable on feathers without looking like a peacock? With feather accessories, indeed you can.

  •  Hair ornaments – if you’re afraid to step out of the comfort zone but you want to be fashionable, you can go for feathered headbands. Feather hair extensions are also there to fit the style of the loud ones.
  •  Necklace – instead of using pearls and diamonds as your pendant, you can go for the feathered ones for a new look. There are those that are in plain black and brown and there are colorful ones as well.
  •  Anklet – what else can add style to those plain flip flops than a feathered anklet. There are those that are mixed with wooden beads and those that are full-feathered.

 Plastic accessories

It may sound crazy to wear plastic accessories but once you open yourself to it, you won’t even remember that these accessories are made of plastic.

  •  Chandelier earrings – instead of going crazy after those crystal chandelier earrings, start a new trend by wearing a plastic one. You can go for the plain white or wear the multi-colored ones.
  •  Icicle choker – too conscious about your plunging neckline? If so then wearing an icicle choker or necklace is highly advisable. This fashionable plastic accessory will add glamour to your overall attire. And to think that it’s made of plastic, that’s fashion alright.
  •  Bracelets – bracelets are just perfect for a street fashion look or for an elegant gown. Instead of looking more of a plastic, the accessories of this material will look like an expensive sea glass piece.

 Wood accessories

  •  Nothing can still beat the power of wood accessories. Here are some of the most common yet trendsetter pieces that can be made of wood. Surely it will add a punch to your overall style.
  •  Necklace pendant – carved wood as a necklace pendant don’t only allow you to be more fashionable, it also enables you to be more unique. There are lots of wood pendants that are open for customization, perfect for those who want to stay unique.
  •  Bangles – are you looking for chunky bangles? Stay away from the common bejeweled and try the wooden ones. We’re the plain ones if you want to stay neutral and the painted ones if you want more color.
  •  Earring studs – earring studs made from wood may sound bizarre, but for the fashionistas, it’s something worth trying. Just like any other wood accessories, earring studs come in plains and prints.

Eco-friendly Jewelry

These eco-friendly jewelries are indeed new to many individuals. Those who are accustomed to pearls and diamonds may not be too excited but for the fashionable ones, these pieces are truly worth the try. For more information about great silver jewelry pieces, please visit us at Overstock Silver