Hair extensions are a modern day fashion statement that has taken the world by storm after the initial boom in the 90s when Victoria Beckham set the fashion among celebrities and members of the public alike. She was iconic and really set the industry in motion, and so it is for this reason that hair extensions have become so incredibly popular and a huge part of the whole concept behind fashion and especially celebrity fashion.

Back in the day Victoria was likely to have used some of the first human hair extensions that were available, and potentially horse hair extensions aswell. However, as times have changed and extensions have began to be desired and aimed towards different markets besides the high-end celebrities. Everybody wants to look and feel like a celebrity nowadays and so it is because of this that consumers will ask questions about hair extensions.

The point of focus and the most popular hair extension amongst most people has to be the clip-in hair extension. These extensions are really great, simple and excellent to have as a channel and a way in which a person can identify them and feel unique. As much as there are going to be some great extensions out there that are very popular which are attached extensions it is still true that clip-in extensions give you the highest flexibility and is why so many people purchase them on a very regular basis.

However, there are obviously differences and inconsistencies even in clip-in hair extensions that make them differ and have you making a second decision about this particular extension type, which is whether or not you are going to go with the pricey and quality option or the cheap knock-off option. These days horse hair is not used in hair extensions very often, and so the only way to realistically define the two kind of clip-in hair extensions is by defining them as human hair extensions or synthetic extensions.

The far cheaper option for this extension type is obviously going to be the synthetic extensions, as they are made from plant fibres which are always going to be a lot cheaper to produce than human hair extensions, and have other faults to them that make them the cheaper yet much lower quality version. For instance, synthetic extensions have always been known as and considered to be impossible to style. This is because these particular extensions are not resistant to any sort of change in environment and will ruin if they come into contact with heat or moisture. This leaves you with massively limited styling opportunities which are not something that I could personally deal with since the whole point in getting hair extensions is for the styling and to pretty much reinvent yourself as a person in order to move forward and make progress. Human hair extensions do everything that you could possibly want them to do in the same way as regular human hair would, and having things the same as your base hair acts is going to give you such a huge confidence boost and ability to personalise your look to you. To get the desired Extension you may visit