Suffering from varicose veins does not mean that you necessarily need to hide your legs and you have to avoid being fashionable. Using compression stockings is recommended for severe and mild varicose vein problems. They are normally prescribed by doctors because of the great convenience that is offered. You will find them available in pharmaceutical outlets, health stores and online specialized stores like Color4Care.

Often times, we see dancers, gymnasts and sports persons using the compression stockings in order to overcome muscular pain and to recover faster after problems or competitions. You can even see them as being perfect for a gym workout since they offer coverage in many important areas. Nowadays, you can find colourful compression stockings that can be seen as highly fashionable and you do not have to hide the fact that you use them. However, choosing some improper compression stockings can easily lead towards problems. That is why you need to think about the following when making your choice.


Obviously, you will want to think about how much money to pay. Budgets are always considered when buying anything. You can find costly and really cheap stockings. We recommend that you invest in 2 high quality compression stockings pairs so that you are covered. You do not have to worry much about them since they will last a long time and it is always better than buying cheap compression stockings since you will often find yourself having to buy new pairs.

Compression Stockings Types

Although you may think differently there are various types of compression stockings you can use. In most situations we think about 2 types based on stocking length. The first one is knee high. The second one is thigh high. You have to think about varicose vein problems in order to see what would be more appropriate. It is the doctor that normally makes recommendations. In rare situations you may have to wear open toe stockings or lesser popular compression stockings types. The open toe ones are really popular among dancers.

colourful compression stockings


The one thing that is always vital with the compression stockings is making sure that measurements are proper. 3 measurements are actually to be considered:

  • Thigh circumference
  • Foreleg circumference
  • Above heel area circumference

You will also want to measure length from thigh/knee to feet.

Choosing Skin Friendly Materials

While the compression rating is something that you do not have a huge control on since it is the severity of the varicose veins that will have an impact on that, you can control the material that is used in the pair of stockings you are about to buy.

It is a really good idea to buy the compression stockings that are made out of skin friendly materials and even mild organic materials. Stockings must be able to absorb moisture, be soft, breathable and stretchy in order to offer the proper comfort and ease. At the same time, you have to be sure that the chosen material will offer proper movement.