High-quality suits aren’t just luxury items for men to wear on special occasions – if you’re in the process of searching for a new job, such a garment could make the difference between getting the position of your dreams and settling for a lesser option (or nothing at all). Sure, it may have once been acceptable to show up for many job interviews in slacks and a dress shirt, or even a polo shirt and khakis, especially if you were interviewing for a job in a more casual environment. More recently, however, it seems that the most desirable look for most interviews is a more formal ensemble. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to get this type of look together for your next important interview.

1. Start with the Shirt and Tie

A clean, crisp, contemporary dress shirt is the best place to start your interview ensemble. Your shirt should be modern, form fitting yet comfortable and in a neutral shade such as white, cream or light blue. The tie you choose should be a standard size (save the skinny ties for the fashion industry) and carefully tied in one of the traditional knots. Ties in bold colors such as red and blue are preferable; if you must choose a pattern, stick with a simple pinstripe rather than anything elaborate or fanciful.

2. Choose the Right Suit for Success

When it comes to men’s suits, there are many choices out there. While you may feel inspired to don your most trendy, fashionable suit for an upscale night out dining and dancing with friends, a job interview requires something more traditional. Your best bet will probably be a suit in a dark shade such as charcoal or navy, which will stand in contrast to your light-colored shirt. While it’s best to choose a classically patterned tie in an interview, as mentioned above, your bold and professional image can shine through in your choice of tie color. The high quality of your suit should speak for itself.

3. Shoes and Grooming Issues

Once you have the shirt, tie and suit picked out for your interview, then it’s just a matter of putting the finishing touches on your look. Stick with shoes in a neutral shade, such as black or dark brown, and make sure they are polished. And last but not least, make sure your nails are clean and trimmed, and get a haircut.

Men's Suits for interview