Now it’s time to tell you something about summer trends. Summer is just so fun season with fashion, it’s bright and light and you may have so much fun with all the trends of this season! So we will tell you about our favorite trends of summer 2016 and then you will decide what you like and what not.

  1. Pompons. They are great for vacation, for the beach, for ht summer night dances. They are colorful and fun and they cause smile.
  2. White. Summer of course is the season when you can wear white day’n’nite. Different white dresses of different length and styles are on top this summer.
  3. Lace-up. Our absolute favorite trend is laced-up Shoes. They may be of any color. You can wear them with skinny jeans or with maxi dress, you will look chic no doubt!
  4. Wooden platform. Shoes with wooden platform will look great with jumpsuit or with shorts or with your white dress. Hell yeah!
  5. Espadrilles. The best shoes for summer, we swear. They are so great for travel, for long walks. They can be with laces, can be on flatforms. And they are light as a cloud!
  6. Denim. Timeless trend. Denim shorts, shirts, skirts, bags – denim everywhere. You can wear totally in denim and you will look stylish and trendy.


So, huh, there are much more trends, but you may try to choose something yourself too.