A Wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Every bride looks amazing and radiant in their white wedding gowns. But it is very easy to get them dirty. Ranging from spills to blotches, something or the other might just ruin that perfect white dress. It is very difficult to get that dress properly cleaned as many cleaners either do not offer services for a wedding dress clean up or they cannot do so properly. The solution to your problem is Love Your dress. It is the largest specialty cleaners in Canada. They have over 30 years of experience in cleaning wedding dresses.

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Why Love your dress?

They use modern and updated techniques that give you amazing results. They manually check the gown thoroughly to make sure they have an idea about the cleaning required on it. They manually clean each gown so that the stains are cleaned properly and no stain remains.

Services offered by Love your Dress

Apart from just cleaning the dress they offer a lot of other services as well. You can visit them at www.loveyourdress.ca to find out all about the types of services on offer.

  • They are experiences and have specialized training

They have over 30 years of experience and have cleaned a number of complicated and expensive articles. They can even handle beaded and sequined gown which are generally very difficult to clean. They have specially trained staff to clean and press leather, fur, silk gowns, suede, etc. they give the products a new showroom look.

  • They can remove all types of fresh and stale stains

Sometimes there are stains that have remained unnoticed for a long time. They practically become a part of the garment itself. Many clients have been surprised at how easily these professionals have dealt with these stale stains and made the garment look as good as new. They are able to clean any type of stain imaginable. Your wedding dress now will look as clean as it did when you bought it initially.

  • They also perform services of altering, remodeling and repairing

These professional cleaners also alter and repair wedding dresses. They have vast knowledge on how to remodel a dress as well. You can be assured that the dress is in professional hands and will be taken care of. You can now be relaxed while enjoying the wedding preparations and on the day of the wedding. They are there to fulfill all your needs.

  • Preserving your wedding dress

The wedding dress is generally a very prized possession of any married woman. The people at Love your dress provides you with an innovative idea of preserving your dress. The services are very affordable. They help you to preserve your dress for a lifetime. They make sure that the dress is well kept and away from any harm’s way. It will not be exposed to anything that might harm the material or quality of the dress.

This is a wonderful place to have all your cleaning needs fulfilled along with getting solutions for your repairing and remodeling wants.