Designers have lately focused on men’s hat and cap trends, advancing novelties as well as reviving old styles. These trends have been brought so far that now it’s hard to imagine a 2017 summer outfit without anything to wear on one’s head. Below you’ll see what men can wear to look at their best and how:

  1. The Panama hat

This exotic hat hailing from Ecuador renders itself well to almost any modern summer, spring and autumn outfit. With a wide brim and made in light colors, the Panama will make you look trendy and a bit mysterious, too. It goes well with a Hawaiian-style shirt as well as with a more elegant piece, like a dark blazer.

  1. The flat or driving cap

There’s just something so chic about the flat cap, formerly known as the working men’s cap. You only see it on a few celebrities because it can be so hard to match, but don’t feel discouraged. A cap like this should work just fine when you can’t decide whether your outfit calls for a fedora or a normal cap. Hottest fabric trend right now? Bright or dark blue denim. Buy one in your exact size and wear it in cool/warm weather (never cold or hot). Opt for a 100% urbane outfit as to not look weird or outdated.

  1.  The Trilby

This is a rather playful type. It’s got a narrow brim and a big central dent on top and you can wear it like a fedora; only that it’s smaller and far easier to include in your outfits. Its elegance factor depends on the material it’s made of. For summer, jute is the most suitable.

  1. The boater

If you own a breezy summer suit and have no hat to pair it with, this is your best bet. It does a good job at protecting you from the sun; it’s lightweight and classy with its flat top and straight brim. It’s also filled with vintage charm. Boaters are more versatile than this, though; you may easily wear one with more casual clothing. Choose one made of straw to keep your head cool during hot summer days.

  1. Cowboy’s hat and its newest replacement

If you’re brave enough to wear a Western style hat, take into account this main rule: you must have at least one element in your outfit that goes well with it. In other words, it needs to be from the same story. Denim or flannel shirts, jeans and vests are all good choices. Don’t forget the proper attitude, also. If you truly want to follow the latest trend, replace your cowboy hat with a Stockman. It’s got a very similar brim, while the top is straight (no dent). If it’s made of leather, it really brings out the explorer in you and it’s so easy to style with casual clothing.

  1. The bucket hat

You’ll see it in many stores and in many holiday spots. The bucket hat is very casual and so easily matched to sporty or beach outfits. However, note that it’s most suitable to younger men. If you’re the mature type, it will not convey an appropriate image. Rap stars love wearing this, as it gives an air of “coolness”.

Don’t be unimaginative – this summer you have plenty of choices when it comes to men’s hats. Throw away your baseball cap and strive to be more of a style icon.