Once you have both decided to make the commitment, there is much to arrange, and with both sets of parents happy to come together and make the wedding something special, the stage is set for the event of the year. Even though you might be emotionally elated, you will need to keep your feet firmly on the ground with regards to the planning of the wedding, and if you are feeling a little apprehensive, here are some helpful tips to ensure that the day is one to remember.

  • The Guest List – This comes before anything else, as the number of people you plan to invite will determine the scope of the occasion. Ideally, the two families would get together, and over a few drinks, decide who they wish to invite. Once you have the guest list sorted, you can begin to think about dates.
  • The Budget – It is important to know precisely how much you have to play with, and once you have decided on an amount, try to stick to that, and family are usually happy to help in that regard. If you really want to splash out, there is no limit to what you can do with a themed wedding, but to be practical, you don’t want the wedding to break the bank and leave a young couple financially vulnerable.
  • Timing – People have busy social calendars, therefore a few months’ notice is a minimum requirement, if you want the guests to attend. Of course, you will need to source a good venue, and you cannot fix a date until you have nailed that one.
  • The Venue – The Internet is a great tool and when looking for potential wedding venues, Google is your best friend. If you are living in Western Australia and looking at wedding venues in Perth, there are some excellent hotels that specialise in catering for weddings. One could always hire a hall and arrange all of the services independently, but that would be a logistical nightmare, and by using an experienced wedding venue, everything except the photographer is included in the package.
  • The Videographer – This is an absolute must and one can take no chances with the images and film of this special occasion. You might have a good friend who likes to take photos, but resist the chance to cut corners, better to look for a professional wedding videographer, who will take care of everything.
  • The Entertainment – Assuming all the catering is taken care of, that only leaves the entertainment for the evening, and this could take several forms. Some prefer a live band, with perhaps a comedian to add some variety, while others like the disco scene and would have a DJ booked for the occasion. Whatever your preference, make sure you arrange something well in advance, as popular performers are always busy.

With the right venue, much of the organising is taken care of and the wedding should be something that remains in your memories for many years to come.