Shopping has an undying loving bond with modern women. We women are neck deep in love with shopping. In fact nobody can ever find a woman on this planet who does not fancy shopping. The intensity of love towards shopping might differ, but no there is no woman who can strongly put that they actually detest shopping! We women can spend hours together, shopping for women dresses, shoes, clothes, bags, cosmetics etc. And psychologists have to say that shopping is essentially a woman’s emotional journey. Wondering why? Well, this is ‘coz shopping helps to leverage our mood whenever we feel low; no wonder shopping is lovingly also known as “retail therapy” for being the superb mood up lifter that it is.



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Nowadays, with the incredible progress of technology, e-commerce has undergone the greatest revolution. New age ideas like online shopping have now secured a permanent corner in our hearts. With the mushrooming of online shopping portals and availability of women dresses on the Internet, our lives have been made easier in leaps and bounds. We now have the shopping sites online to rely on, whenever we want to purchase clothes. With the help of online shopping, we can now afford to bask in the luxury of staying indoors, away from the crowds and browse the vast collections of latest fashion dresses. As matter of fact, shopping online is the new age way to go shopping because very few of us any more feel that it is necessary to visit the brick and mortar stores in shopping plazas.

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Online shopping for women’s fashion is also experiencing a revolution. Latest fashion trends and latest fashion dresses for women, fresh off the fashion runway, are now available to us only few clicks away! We no longer plan to head out to the Mecca of hottest and premium fashion in India, namely Delhi or even Mumbai to buy women dresses in the hottest styles, for all premium and top notch fashion brands are now available to us online. We, the ultra modern Indian women, come with a keen interest in the latest fashion dresses and their designs and know how to keep pace with the ongoing fashion trends by going for the women dresses that are easily available online. The fashion fraternity across the world has been dictating the trends in latest fashion, which are catching up quite fast all over the world.

The latest fashion dresses are no doubt very feminine and girlish which offer a distinctly different silhouette when you compare the look that trousers offer us. Trousers and jeans of different fits and washes as we know them now definitely have their own command over women’s style. When you think, you perhaps will also realize that it is true that the look offered by the normal trousers or super tight jeans have surely had the longest influence on our sense of fashion till date. But it does go without saying that given a choice we do tend to opt for a loose and comfortable appearance which brings forth the much welcomed change about the way we appear. The loose trousers for women which are lovingly called palazzos offer this very look and are thus quite a fashion rage now. These loose trousers come in various fits like the fitted, flared, cropped or long style and there is a certain factor of uniqueness about them which makes them such an appealing option to go for. With their distinctive style, these loose legged trousers are surely a remarkable way to give your skinny jeans and tube dresses their much needed break.



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The spring and summer seasons are all about loose and comfortable trousers for the ladies which are also available in varying lengths and also come with different names like culottes, gauchos, palazzo pants. The skinny look has been around for such a long time, like about a decade in our mainstream lives that we have kind of lost the confidence to go for a different look, particularly when the option offers a totally different style that is removed from the usual. Culottes are the slightly cropped palazzos which look incredibly smart and casual and elegant, all at the same time and honestly, the best part is that culottes are incredibly flattering too. They only show off the slimmest part of your body – your ankle – below a loose and wide hem line, which renders an overall proportional look. There is a slight bit of misconception we harbour, that these can be tricky to wear. So the shoes that you choose to wear with your culottes are important, but don’t forget the top as well.

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