From Urban Outfitters to high end shops like Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, t-shirts are all the rage! T-shirts are no longer only for casual wear. They can be dressed up with a blazer and accessories for a night out on the town, or even made appropriate for business attire. There are so many options for finding your perfect t-shirt. Not only are there graphics to consider, but also fits and fabric!

If you have already started your t-shirt research you are probably accustomed to the wide variety of graphic options available. From very subtle graphics, to loud, sometimes profane verbiage and graphics, there is an option for any desired style. Allover prints are quite popular at the moment as well as bright, statement graphics. T-shirt designers have become incredibly creative with their designs, sometimes incorporating other media into the traditional cotton fabric. There are t-shirts with sequins, metallic prints, random fabrics built in and unique shapes and fits. The “burnout” t-shirt has almost sheer fabric that’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Most women find that an undershirt or cami is required to wear a burnout t-shirt. The asymmetrical t-shirt is currently trending with one long, asymmetrical side. Also popular is the t-shirt with the long tail in the back, sometimes referred to as a tuxedo t-shirt, which can be paired perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. T-shirts can be used to make a statement or can make a drab outfit instantly fab! The ability to wear a comfortable t-shirt and to look fashionable is a dream come true.

There are many options for custom t-shirts if you’re not liking the options off the shelf. You can create your own custom graphics and select from t-shirt blanks with the fit you desire. There are a variety of sites online where you can have your own t-shirt printed with a custom photo or a design you upload. 

As for fits, the options are almost as varied as the graphics. Women can opt for more fitting, shapely fits as opposed to the traditional, unflattering fit that’s more geared toward a man’s body. Long gone are the days when women would have to tie a side knot with an ill fitting men’s shirt! Some men are also opting for more fitted t-shirts to complement muscular builds or six pack abs. Fabric will greatly affect the fit of a t-shirt.

The traditional cotton fabric tends to be less shapely and will hang loosely. Fabrics that contain lycra can offer a more shapely fit, hugging in the right areas with some give in areas you don’t necessarily want to be fitted. There are also options between the traditional t-shirt and the fitted t-shirt. There are “relaxed” fits that are tapered slightly to avoid bagginess at the hip.
Perfect T-Shirt
If you have a favorite t-shirt sitting in your closet, take it out and measure the length and width. Most t-shirt manufacturers offer up the measurments online. This can help ensure you are getting the size and fit desired.