A child’s Christening is a very momentous occasion for every family. It is very significant not only for the baby boy or baby girl about to get Baptized, but equally important for the parents, families and close friends who become a part of the celebration.

Most of the times, the child is very young to even remember the occasion after growing up, but there is this old tradition of giving Baptism gifts for girls and boys, so that they cherish the occasion all their life even if they have very faint memories of the event. So, you should pick the gift wisely, keeping the choices of the parents in mind.

Choosing the Right Gift for Catholics

If you get invited to any Baptism ceremony, it would be considered a good gesture to carry a gift; it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive one, but it must be sensible chosen. Many people, especially Catholics consider giving something religious as a Baptism gift; of course, the choice varies from one person to another, and there’s no hard and fast rule for choosing a Baptism gift as such. Some of the common traditional or religious gifts that people give during Christening are gold or silver crosses, child’s rosary, personal Bibles or something else that symbolizes Christianity.

Common Choices Among Protestants

Protestants, however, don’t believe in excess religious iconography and they go for something simple, practical or fun, even if it’s not religious. Some of the most common gifts offered in Protestant tradition are pewter bowls, engraved porringers, soft foods like porridge, engraved spoons of silver, engraved picture frames, and Silver rattle.

That being said, the child being baptized is obviously not going to react to the gift, and it’d only matter to the parents. If the parents are very religious, then they might not appreciate such non-traditional gifts.

6 Common Christening Gifts

Let us take a look at some of the common Christening gifts:

  1. Porringer– It is one of the old fashioned dishes of porridge.
  2. Personalized Bible– It is very simple to get the child’s name engraved in gold on the leather cover of the holy book of Bible, and gift it.
  3. Child’s Rosary– This is something, which is meant only for the child and designed specifically for small palms and fingers.
  4. Gold or Silver Cross Necklace– This is a classic christening gift.
  5. Engraved Picture Frame– This can be dated and may contain the pictures of the child being baptized.
  6. Illustrated Bible–It’s a great gift especially for children of the auspicious occasion of being baptized.


Unorthodox Baptism Gifts

4of the non-traditional Baptism gifts include –

  1. Engraved Silver Cups– This is something that can be carried forward to generations, and silver cups with name or personal message certainly make a fantastic gift.
  1. A Strand of Beautiful Pearls– This is given normally to the baby girls, and it can certain beautify their looks.
  1. Savings Bond– Many open up a new savings bond for the child to create an essential investment plan for securing the future of the child.
  1. A Hand-Painted Plate or Vase– This can have the name and date of birth of the child imprinted on the gift.


So, if you’ve been invited to a baptism ceremony, choose the most appropriate gift from these options, and add joy to the happiness of the parents of child being baptized.

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