Fashion shows are demanded everywhere as they introduce new styles in fashion worlds. There are some designers who introduce debut fashion styles in every season. Their fashion shows are waited by fashion lovers. Valentino is one of those names. It belongs to Italy. Recently a fashion show was held by this.

Amazing designer Valentino stood up to kiss the Maria Grazia Chiuri and pierpaolo Piccioli (the co designers of the valentine SpA ) at Valentino Design show. This was an emotional moment for audience and the designer as Valentino is a big name in fashion designing his appreciation means real achievement in design world. These two persons drive the Valentino each season successfully and so did this year in summer season. They present very stylish and unique unbelievable sense and magnificent art of making dresses combined to present the great show which through grabbed the audience attention. Every woman was wishing to have the dresses for this summer to look elegant and stylish in friend’s circle. Summer needs the fashion which is combination of light, sophisticated and modern styles. All things were present in that show. Every dress was praise within itself. All dresses are according to women choice. All women watching show had same thing in mind, yes this is what we need! Amazing art and stylish sewing made the show worth watching.

All dresses are unique and with same theme. The dress theme was bird. Beginning was with cage style gowns and as show moved it seemed bird is ready to flight. These gowns were made through piping, details and lace. The unique cut and styles made the dresses different from ordinary designers. The theme of bird was sustained throughout the show and each dress was more beautiful than the former one.

It is fact that it was the awesome show of the week; embroidery and crystal beading enhanced the look of gowns. Everyone was thinking that how do this pair communicate to style the dresses so beautifully. No doubt they work very hard to conquer the fashion world and their work was cleared from the very first dress which was an elegant, delicate light taupe bell with red pattern of curlicues and decorative scrawls.

suIf I say it was a magical show it would not be extreme statement. Italy looked like a magical world during the show. Each dress was casting new magic on audience. This show boosted up the Valentino’s name. it was not much surprising as this brand is used to grab the audience attention through its designs.  But this time all must say that something extra ordinary done by the company. Those who attending the show live were feeling themselves blessed. Those who did not attend are finding pictures and show videos to experience the magnificent show. All dresses are made up of unique and beautiful color combination; this thing attracts the women more. Red, bright color was merged with light cream color. In short it was stylish and loveable show.