The fairy tale romance of how you proposed your lady love will be narrated over and over again for the rest of your life. Therefore, you want it to be just perfect so that there are no mistakes, no rush and absolutely no confusion in the end. Cast your own magical spell and catch her by surprise and for God sake don’t get into the usual, dropping down on your knees and popping the question.

We have carefully pen down some unique propose day ideas which will surely be a perfect fit for the occasion. Trust me, these ideas are tried and tested ones so you wouldn’t go wrong with them.

Propose Day

1)A street caricature would be good but what if the caricature sketch shows a picture of the two of you with a bubble which asks the most iconic question – Will you marry me?

2) A skywriter wouldn’t just be great but will be truly creative too. Ask the skywriter to spell out your question up in the air and just enjoy the surprising expression on her face.

3) If you are classic romantic person then it is best to go the timeless red roses. Don’t go for the usual 10 bunch but make it large with at least 1000 roses which will be a perfect propose day gift and at the same time hide a love note inside the bunch to make your sweetheart read it aloud.

4) For childhood sweethearts it is best to get your proposal written with a chalk on your street, it will surely remind them of your good old childhood memories.

5) Cover the walls of your room with the perfect photographs of the two of you which allow her to walk back the memory lane and make her reminiscent all the cute memories that you have spent with him.

6) Although this may sound a little cheesy but she might love it. Put on a t-shirt with ‘Will you marry me?’ and wear it when you have invited her for a date. She will find it lovely. You can even go for a personalized coffee mug too with the best photo of the two of you.

7) Proposing someone at 25,000 feet will surely game up your romance. Take her on a flight trip and use the flight’s loudspeaker to pop up your question. She wouldn’t be able to refuse your proposal.

These are just some of the propose day gift ideas that we could think of, however, you can think of more to make it truly exciting for your sweetheart, this Propose day and make it special for her.