I went on party last night and was amazed to see those ladies who used to wear heavy jewelry during winter without single piece of jewelry.  Many ladies think that it is not a sensible choice to wear jewelry in summer season. I think it is to give up against summer.  We must not let any season to affect our stylish look. We can use our intelligence and aesthetic sense to wear dress and jewelry.

There are many combinations which can give you a nice look in summer.

I hope this article will guide you about summer clothing

White Dress

White is a good choice for summer season. A white dress with light grey jewelry can increase the stylish look. It will help you to get attraction of your friends as it look cool and graceful.  If you feel some itching by jewelry in summer you may wear a stylish grey ring or a pendent on skirt. Alternative to jewelry is embroidery. White dress with light grey embroidery on white will be a great outfit for itching summer. You can reach the height of elegant look by wearing light striped flat grey sandals. White is simply the best choice for summer as it doesn’t absorb heat and stays cool.  You may give orange details to your dress.

Red with light combination

The countries where sun shines and spread scorching heat have common thought of women to avoid red color in summer. I believe that red color with cream color will be good dress option for summer as red gives nice look and cream color will support the coolness which is needed in summer. With this combination of bright and low tone colors it is enough to wear just a bracelet of thin strip with red stone in center. If you want to wear more jewelry, wearing a ring is better choice on opposite hand of that where you wore bracelet.

Banana colored dress

Banana colored dress gives a nice look to you. It is a nice choice for summer season. As the dress is light colored you have choice to wear bright colored light jewelry it will enhance the look. Brown colored jewelry will be the best choice.

Pink color

Pink color always looks nice in summer. Light pink or dull pink is good choice for dress. You may give bright details to the dress which increases the look of your dress. Pink color feels good to the viewer and it doesn’t look odd. With pink color pink or copper jewelry goes. A nice light but beautiful copper chain in neck will increase the elegance in your style.  Short heel sandals also look nice with this color.

Avoid bright colors, heavy jewelry and bulky sandals

sewPure red, black orange magenta and other bright colors give you very odd and itching look in summer.  Some ladies wear bright colors with heavy jewelry or light colors with heavy jewelry and bulky sandals. In summer such combination doesn’t feel good to eye as they increase the itching feeling to the viewer so. We must choose light colors with little details of bright colors or bright jewelry.

As we must wear the dress which get the others felt nice in summer