With many of the top golfing brands including Nike Golf, Galvin Green and Ian Poulter Design all including key tartan pieces to their 2013 collections, along with noticeable amount of golfing stars stepping out in tartan at major tournaments this year, we’re taking a look at this popular tartan trend on and off the fairway.

Each universal sport has its own “uniform” and style, from football shirts to basketball jerseys – it’s easy to spot the professionals and fans of a particular sport, and this also stands for the extremely popular sport of golf.

Known as one of the most stylish sports, tartan is considered a uniform to this traditional sport and is a key style item for any keen golfer. From trousers, shorts, shirts and jumpers – the traditional golfing tartan pattern is also as popular off the green, as it is on it!

 top golfing brands including Nike Golf,

Ian Poulter is one of the finest British golfing professionals and style icons in the sport, and in 2007 he successfully launched Ian Poulter Design, a great range of golf clothing and stylish items. Often worn by the pro himself throughout golfing tournaments, Tartan plays a big role in the IJP collection in 2013, and we have picked out our favourite tartan pieces from the popular clothing line.

Depending on how confident you feel on the fashion front, there are a range of suitable styling options when it comes to tartan. Many golfers and fashionistas choose to team tartan shorts and trousers with neutral polo’s and jumpers, keeping all attention on the bold tartan pattern.

But if you’re brave enough to team your tartan trousers with a patterned jumper, we suggest taking a look at the range of diamond pattern slips and jumpers available – a traditional style pairing with tartan on the green. Golf clothing specialists Galvin Green have a great selection of diamond jumpers, sure to make you stand out and give the professional golfers a run for their money on the fairways.