Most guys struggle with their style while trying to look good and dress well for any occasion, so we are giving some tips that will be useful.

  1. Perfect Fit

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying clothes is that they have to be a perfect fit. Not too small and not too big, but perfect. Most guys wear clothes that are too big for them, and their figure looks bad in them.

  1. Quality shoes

Always invest in a pair (or two) of good quality classic shoes like Oxfords, Derbys or Brouges. When you buy these types of shoes, make sure to keep them clean and shiny. You wouldn’t believe how many people will judge you by your shoes and they are the first thing most people notice, especially for women. The same rule applies to boots and summer shoes as well.

Jeans Style

  1. 3 is the magic number

Don’t overdo colors, designs, or accessories. A good rule of thumb to follow is to keep it down to three pieces – no more than three colors, no more than three designs (at least one should be solid color), and definitely no more than three pieces of jewelry or accessories (unless you are a rock star that is).

  1. Overdress a bit

No matter what the occasion is, it is always better to be a little overdressed than a little underdressed (or a lot, god forbid). Think about the setting you will be in and the people who will be there, and step it up just a tiny bit. Be careful not to dress better than the most important person at the gathering though, your boss for example.

  1. Forget logos and brand display

Nobody will think bad of you if you like buying brand clothes, but try not to make a huge display out of it, and certainly avoid any clothes with big logos, especially logo T shirts. You don’t want to build your image and status around a brand.

  1. Combine well

Combination is the key to good style. Learn what goes with what, spend some time reading about this, and actually try out different combinations. The golden rule is that the top and bottom have to match, for example, you won’t wear an old baggy sweater with designer skinny jeans.


  1. Have universal pieces

It is good to have pieces that can be combined with a wide variety of other pieces to have a timeless design. For example, you want to have white and light blue shirts, so you can build around them. You should also have a good pair of dark wash denim jeans you can wear on most occasions, a good classic suit, a solid color sweater, and a pair of khakis.

  1. Customize your clothes

Nowadays, you can order something to be tailor made for you and have it customized, with a monogram or a symbol; this is a good way to express yourself and show some style. You can, for example, order custom jeans, so you are able to combine them with both your smartest and your casual clothes.

You won’t find the style that suits you best if you don’t try different things out and experiment a little. Remember, it is always good to educate yourself and to ask for help, advice, and most of all, honest feedback.