Autumn fashion can always be a big troublemaker, the temperatures change from day to day and picking what to wear can be a nightmare. As we make the transition from a not-so-hot summer, what are we looking at in terms of fashion?


Jackets, of course, are at the top of the list for your Fall and Winter fashion. In the mid-price and high-priced range, you’ll find that jackets come in just about every style and material you could want. If you like the classic look, you can’t beat a tailored jacket with labels. You can alter the look of your classic jacket with the length – it can end just below the waist, in a peplum style, right at the hips for the office look, or down below the buttocks for a sleek, slender look.

Perhaps you want to reflect your own off-beat personality a little bit with your jacket. Asymmetrical lines have been perfected by designers, skillfully directing the eye to your favorite feature, with angular lapels or cuffs. Or, you may like the looks of a waterfall jacket with the gentle folds down the front, or a drape jacket for a more casual look that adds a little warmth.

When you choose a jacket, look for something accents the area to which you want attention drawn. For instance, if you are smaller on the top than on the bottom, a swing jacket with gathers at the neck can be very complimentary. If your waist is the narrowest part of your body, choose a more fitted jacket.

If you have a large bust, a jacket with at least 3 buttons that fit at and below the bustline will be flattering, reducing the visual impact of the bust and balancing out your silhouette. If you have a smaller bust, you can choose a jacket with one or two button closure, a little lower down. The extra openness at the chest will allow more of your beautiful blouse to show, accenting that area more.


Fall and Winter fashion tops are also popular items in your wardrobe. Silk, Linen, wool, and blends all have their own weight and texture, giving you great variety in your closet. Tops can have a cowl neck, doing away with the necessity of a scarf. Or, they can drape just as the jackets we covet so much. Swing tunics are great for that milder Fall weather, when you want a little warmth but don’t want to haul around a coat.

The necklines of your tops can be as varied as your mood of the day. An asymmetrical neck will draw the eye off to the side, then back to your face. Basically, with tops, you want to go opposite of your shape with the design of your blouse. Boat neck fashions are great for the woman with a round face, while V-neck or round neck blouses are great for someone with a square jaw. The V-neck also makes a short neck look longer, while a cowl or turtleneck is great for a long, slender neck.