Man fashion

Sometimes, with all of the men I see with their pants hanging down and their shirt buttons ready to pop open, I start to lose faith in men’s taste when it comes to style. Why is it, that with so many fashion magazines and style blogs out there, so many men are still ignorant on how to channel sleek style?

Trends pop up every week these days and really, even the most fashion savvy have a hard time keeping up with all of them and you shouldn’t have to either if you don’t want to. The secret to a well-polished man is not giving in to every style trend out there but it is about him embracing the following tips and knowing how best to work them for his body shape and his lifestyle.

Well-fitted clothes

It seems like an obvious statement but even so, there are still so many men who underrate the importance of a well-fitted suit whether for work or for a formal event. You don’t have to get your suit tailored from the shop you bought it from, if you find their tailoring services are expensive, but you should find a tailor in the area where you live who will charge less and more importantly, who will tailor the suit for you to fit perfectly to your shape. This point also goes for shirts and trousers that are too tight. If you can spot your undershirt in between each button and if you cannot bend properly without your pants hiking up, uncovering the whole of your socks, then they are too tight and they shouldn’t be worn.


Go for bold

A man with style knows how to work bold accessories to stand out in a crowd. From stylish bow ties worn for a lunch date to pocket squares rocked for a formal event, or even lapel pins, it is a mark of confidence to wear something that goes beyond the normal suit and tie. You don’t have to go overboard with accessories, one, maximum two pieces that add a touch of personality to your outfit are enough. Some on trend men’s accessories of the moment include the blanket scarf and the cape. This being said, if you are not one to follow trends religiously then stick to investing in good quality, timeless accessory pieces like leather gloves or cufflinks, which will look good today as much as they will five years from now.

Knitwear chic

A lot of men underestimate how chic and elegant knitwear can be. But, rather than going for the frumpy looking jumper, men with style will go for more good quality knitwear that is fitted to the body and they will wear it for more than just to run errands on a Saturday morning. The right knitwear brings richness to an outfit, so choose to wear it for your next date or to the office. You can pair a v neck knitted sweater over a shirt, combined with a full suit for the office or you can pair that Aran jumper with a great pair of denim trousers and sleek trainers for a casual yet stylish everyday outfit.


Work the colours

Black, blue, grey and brown are timeless colours that can work for any season but real style is when you can incorporate bright or rich colours into your daily outfit and wear them with confidence. Start small with a bright pocket square or a blush pink tie and experiment to see what works for you. You can go for dark green or a rich burgundy colour to bring some boldness into that boring work suit. You can also experiment with patterns on a pocket square or a bow tie. Once you feel confident in this area, you can then incorporate more of this by going for a bold patterned shirt or a bright coloured pair of pants.

A customized touch

Customization is a way of showing you put effort and importance into your style which is essential in a world where first impressions can make or break a decision. Rather than going for in your face boldness however, go for something subtle, like custom made socks or custom cufflinks and bring your own touch, in a demur way, to the clothes you wear.

The right jewelry

Whether you are a watch kind of guy or you prefer a ring, maybe you like that diamond stud in your ear or a necklace around your neck, rocking jewelry that works well with your fashion choices is proof of great style. Go for quality items and metals so they will last longer and as with accessories, choose timeless pieces if you are not one to invest in jewelry very often. What’s important to keep in mind when it comes to jewelry is to understand that earrings might not work in the office and necklaces often look less than tasteful on v neck shirts.


Eye on the shoes

Stylish men don’t stop at the clothes they are wearing but they give as much attention to the shoes they put on as they realize shoes can make or break an outfit. You might love a classic black shoe or brogues, sneakers, sandals or loafers, really, it depends on your style and lifestyle but do invest in polish for your shoes – there’s nothing worse than a man in a suit with unpolished black shoes.

Rock What You Have On

Who said you can’t be stylish while in a uniform at work? Customized corporate name badges have a way of drawing people in, especially if the design adds to the appeal of how you carry yourself in your uniform. Draw people’s attention to your name and make them remember it by confidently rocking this seemingly boring trinket.

Classic but trendy

Ultimately, a man who knows and owns sleek, elegant style will know the rules of fashion and only then will he be able to break them. Classic pieces can then be combined with on trend items for a look that is totally personalized to his taste and way of life.

Fashion is fun, so don’t be afraid to experiment by buying something different to your usual purchases once in a while. Really, now that you know these rules, all you need is a touch of confidence and you can conquer the streets in style.